Sunday 1 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Hey Everyone!

I have been a terrible blogger this year. I have posted one blog! And that was a highlight of 2015! Sorry!. It has been a busy year, with trips abroad, weddings, new family members etc.

I will try to blog about some of those experiences in another blog! This is another annual review of my year. Drawing on my highlights of the year and my New Years Resolutions. 

So let's start with this year's resolutions. 

1. Keep fit more.  - I've actually managed to tick this off, I have joined a running club in September (I know a little late, but better late than never!)

2. Be more positive. - I don't think I've done well with this, this year! I've always been pessimistic but I may have been a tad bit too negative this year.

3. Write more. - Definitely didn't even completely this one either. 

4. Drive! - I've actually managed to do this. Partly because I needed a mode of transport to get to work. Still hate driving, especially since my minor accident. It's made my anxiety for driving even worse....but working on that.

5. Travel.- I've not travelled as much as I would have liked. I think I was just lucky to travel a lot in 2015. But I did still manage to go to Copenhagen and Paris! (Will try and blog about those trips later.) 

So this time last year I made 5 resolutions and I managed to complete 3! Not too shabby. Right here's to making some more. 

My New Year's Resolutions for 2017 are: 

1. Keep fit regularly. - I know I make the same resolution every year, but I really need to try and maintain this one. I run with a running club once a week, but that is hardly enough exercise. So I need to try and not be as lazy and go out for a run/walk more than once a week. 

2. Join a class. - Whether it is a dance class or a simple workout class like Zumba. I've always wanted to join a class, but I've always been too much of a chicken to join one. If I manage to fulfil this one, this will tie in with the first resolution!

3. Be more positive. - Also another one I am pretty sure I make every year. I let my anxiety get the better of me, and I need to try and not let that happen. Everything happens for a reason, I believe in that so I need to start believing in myself. 

4. Travel. - I always want to travel so this will probably be a yearly resolution. This year I managed to make it to two countries hopefully I'll be able to go on at least one mini break! Despite my limited funds.

5.Spend less. - This is one resolution which I probably will not fulfil, but I need to be more optimistic! Despite the fact that I want to travel and I am a big spender. Definitely like Rebecca Bloomwood...a shopaholic. 

Right to my favourite part of this blog. My highlights, the only way to be positive is to remember the good times and try and let go of the bad.

Sam's highlight of 2016.

The trouble with not blogging in a year, it is hard to keep track with what I've been doing. This year has been bit of a quiet year. Well after 2014 no wonder 2015 was a better and more eventful year for me. Anyway...

Going in chronological order: 

1. Copenhagen - Though this isn't a top highlight of 2016, this did tick the travelling part of my year. My BFF and I have been in talks of travelling since New Year's Eve 2015, We debating back and forth on a destination and finally booked our holiday in the Easter half term. We chose Copenhagen. 

It was a nice place to be and people were lovely. But everything was so expensive and it didn't quite wow me as Budapest did. It's a place that I can say I was glad I went to, but not a place I would gladly return to in the near future. 

Here are just some snaps of my time in Copenhagen.


What is a holiday if there isn't any holiday selfies...that's just a few selfies that we took haha. Food was great out there just really expensive. My computer is being rubbish at the moment and not letting me load my photos properly and it keeps jumping back to the last imported photos! Which is annoying the hell out of me

Anywhoo, moving on...

2. Hen Parties - This year I had three hen parties to attend! Two of my beautiful uni girls got married this year and so did my beautiful cousin. Here are some pictures of the hen night. Which one Hen day/night I helped co-organise!

Starting with Sophie's Hen Do in Landannnnn. We split into two teams and had to escape a room! I was quite clearly useless in all this. Putting way too much thought it a lot of it ha. Also a tad way overdressed for it haha. 

In June it was time for the Hen Do that I co-organised with the other bridesmaids. I did tell you that I was going to be a bridesmaid right? Anyway, in this hen do, we organised a cake decorating session, along with afternoon tea and tapas, by the end of it I had a food baby and was quite unwell with all the food I ate! I also made personalised Hen do badges! They looked so cool and my cousin made the sash for the bride and I made the goodie bags for all the lovely ladies. Also had Clare's hen do which I have no photos for!

A video of Vivian's surprise hen do!
3. Turning a quarter of a century -  In all the mist of the hen dos, I turned 25. I didn't really go all big and celebrate turning a quarter of a century. Don't quite feel like I am a mid 20s person. I now fit into a the Overs category on the X factor. Anyway, I did quite a low key days with some close friends :)

4. Weddings of the century - Like last year I've attended a fair share of weddings. Well this year I attended two, as I couldn't make the wedding of my beautiful Clare bear! We started off with my cousin Vivian's wedding (which was on the same day as Clare and Dan's so that's why I missed it).

 Also I totally caught the bouquet at V & T's wedding and I never can catch anything! 
About a week or so after Vivian and Tim's wedding it was time for my beautiful uni friend's wedding. Sophie & Horace <3 

5. Friendsfest - Last year I was guttered that I couldn't get tickets to the one day only Friendsfest! However, this year I was lucky enough to get tickets to go so I attended with my best friend also Friends fanatic. It was such a good day! Also really hot so I looked like a lobster for half the day. Here are just a few photos from the day, maybe if I remember and have time I can blog about that day too!

'Why Hello Mrs Ross, why hello Mr Rachel' 

6. Birth of JJ - I have a new nephew/second cousin! He is absolutely gorgeous. He is little bro to Jojo. He is about three months old now! I went to see him when he was a couple of days old :)

7. Running club - Not the most exciting thing, but I am proud to have joined and I hope to keep it up in 2017! May even run twice a week haha. Running club is on a Monday and this year All Hallow's Eve fell on that day and well I couldn't pass up an opportunity to dress up! I joined the beginner's group see the one with the brightest Hi-viz? Yeah that's me.

8. The City of Love - I have always wanted to go to the City of Lights, and lucky ole me, I managed to nab return tickets to Paris for under £60! So Alice and I took a quick weekend getaway to Paris. I have never fell in love with the city like I did Paris, that's why all the couples go there, it is beautiful and so romantic. May also blog about my trip too!

9. Buns in the ovens - Before any of you jump the gun, it's not me! Two of my oldest friends have buns in the ovens and I am so excited about welcoming them to the world in 2017! This beautiful bundles of joy will be so loved. I have no photos yet, since they are still in the tummies and I can't ruin the baby shower presents! I am so desperate to give them their presents but I have to wait ever so patiently until the baby showers. I have sent the picture of the items to everyone but the expecting mums! 

10. Christmas In London - There is nothing more magical than Christmas in London. I love London as it is, but at Christmas the Christmas spirit is about, everyone is merry and the lights are so pretty despite it being so cold! This year I caught up with my beautiful uni friends. Friends I've not known for a long time, but ones that have shown to be true friends and stuck by me and supported me through my tough year (2014). Also it was a mini reunion with Laura, because she's ever so brave and has moved to Malaysia to teach!

So that's 10 highlights of my year, a bit more quiet but still a much better year than 2014. Here are just a few other snaps from the year.This year at work, we had a sports week and we linked it with the Rio Olympics. For the entire week we had sport afternoons. Myself and another lovely TA were Team USA! I even made up a chant for us (because I am super cool). 

"Team USA!We are big, we are loud we are going to rock the house. USA, USA , USA"

 I also caught up with some of my Milano buddies this year. It was so great to see them. Also this year I was so excited about getting my first ever beauty advent calendar. M&S Advent Calendar is the best! Totally looking forward to my next one! 
Anyway, sorry for another long and late post. I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May you all persevere to get your dreams and to always have faith and believe! 

Happy New Year Everyone!


Sam x