Sunday, 1 March 2015

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ciao Guys,

Allora, I have reached halfway I have been here in Milan for a month now. I have done 4 weeks of teaching, and now I have another 4 weeks to go (I think!) Scary how time has flown. It definitely hasn't been easy. I have had a week where I have doubted my ability to teach, whether teaching was really the right profession for me to go into. However much I enjoy it, however much I enjoy watching children learn and develop. I have had thoughts, am I meant to be in this field? It is a field I have been focusing on for a long time. It's all I know. 

I got the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the Mountains last weekend 19th to the 22nd. (Italian holiday called the Carnival - I had no school on Thursday and Friday!) It was a new experience and absolutely breathtaking, however I didn't really enjoy myself as I was stressing my head off over week 4. I wanted to make my lessons work, to prove that I could do this. So I spent most of my weekend doing work, and not truly immersing myself with the family and relaxing in the mountains. 
The view was amazing, I have never ever thought of going to the Alps and here was an opportunity too so, I took it. The air was so fresh, it was so beautiful. I am not overly fond of snow, because I am a huge klutz but it was pretty, so pretty. Though a few times during the two hour trek, I thought I was going break something. (I use the word few loosely, it was more like every few minutes haha). It was hard work trekking up and up but it was worth it for the grub, maybe not so much for the view, sure you could still see the mountains but the view wasn't as clear, yet it was still a sight to see. So I would definitely recommend a trip to the mountains, just to admire the view. You don't have to go skiing, I didn't go! One: because I don't have insurance, two: I am absolutely petrified of heights. 
Anyway here are some pictures.

I have spent the past 4 weeks throwing myself into doing work, making resources, writing lesson plans, trolling through the Internet to find half decent ideas that I could use that didn't rely on an interactive whiteboard or the Internet. I haven't actually been enjoying Milan. The city is beautiful, and I have been walking around, but I haven't really been seeing the city. 
So this week I took some time to relax and try not to stress out. Though I secretly was still stressing as I was worrying about getting my reports and lesson plans done. I took some time out to go and watch the football. Yes I like to watch football. I may look like your typical girly girl. (which I am) However, I really enjoy watching football. So for the first time ever (first time watching a live football match at a stadium), I went to watch football at the San Siro Stadium. It was an experience. I watched Inter Milan play at home to Celtic. You could hear the British fans from miles away haha. I wasn't really taking a side, being an impartial watcher was a little strange. You kinda wanted one side to score but then you are also yelling 'get the ball away!' haha. So the end score was Inter 1 - 0. This was the second leg of the Europa League, so Celtic were knocked out.  Anyway here are some snaps of the stadium.

(San Siro Stadium)

This week I also decided to go and check out the Cementeiro Monumentale with my friends. It was beautiful, I mean very beautiful sculptures, but also it was slightly scary and sinister. The sun came out in time for me to take some nice shots with my crappy iPhone 4S. 

Here are just a few snaps from the cemetery. 

So after trekking round a cemetery, it kinda has made me want to go out a bit more and not stress too much. Of course the money issue limits things. I should just stop being a fatty and stopping buying so much food to eat haha. 
I need to stop stressing so much and open up and enjoy myself a bit more. After all I only have a month left. And I have already been way too organised and started buying stuff to take back home haha. (That is where all my money has gone haha.) 

I am missing home, I have started to feel homesick, missing home comforts, my family and friends. The life that I am use to, back home where I had no clue of what I wanted to do ,after everything blew up last year. Though it was complicated at times, I do miss home. I want to have papa's curries, or mama's food (that always comes second best to pop's but still, I miss it.) 
So yes I am feeling a little homesick, but I don't have long left and I should fully throw myself into it and enjoy myself. It won't be long before I am home.

So yes Sam! Stop stressing! Stop being a worry-guts!

(I had to throw in this song! Ha, Got to love Lady A.)

Home is where the heart is.


See you soon 

Sam x

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