Sunday, 17 January 2016

Highlights of 2015

Hey y'all,

Happy New Year! I hope you all celebrated in style, in whatever way that style may be! Me being me..well I celebrated NYE in style by eating rubbish food and ordering takeout ice cream with my BFF. So yes a nice quiet night in rather than out. 

Sorry that it's taken ages for me to post this. I've been busy and then I've been back at work. 

Anyway, like every year, here is my highlights of 2015. 2015 has definitely been a massive improvement to 2014. That year was just a blur, so much of a blur that I still think I am 23. When in reality I am 24. I think I feel this way, because I was so consumed with passing my PGCE, I forgot to live and when I failed, a part of me died. It feels like I've wasted my year as a 22 year old. It also doesn't help that I am going to be a quarter of a century old, it's depressing to think about it. But, I am trying to be more positive and trying really hard not to wish my life away.

Anyway, starting from January 2015

1. Italy - I spent two wonderful months in Milan, doing something I loved but forgotten my passion for. At times it was so stressful and it wasn't easy, but I don't regret it. I met some wonderful people and ate myself silly on gelato. I would have never done something like teach abroad, if it wasn't for failing the PGCE and losing my way. I guess this was my reason. Being in Italy didn't change me drastically, like I thought it would. It instead reignited my passion for education and teaching. That I can teach, that if you are passionate and determined enough, things will happen in time. I am still not a qualified teacher, but I am making steps that will take me there. I just need to hold onto my passion and love for it.

2. The Race For Life - After coming home from Milan and slowly starting to regret all those gelatos. I decided to sign up for the 5K Race For Life. This motivated me to start training for it. So I got into a morning routine of walking/running. This was good at the time as it got me up early and helped me keep fit.

3. Getting A Job! - As you read in my previous post I got myself a teaching assistant job. It took over a year to get a job, but I landed one, after spending months crying over 'my failures', teaching in Italy and constant applications. I finally did it! Definitely one big highlight.

Christmas presents from my lovely class.

Check out this amazing gift I received from one of my children. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift. The child's mum said he chose it & wrapped it himself!

4. Travelling - Four countries in one year! From Milan to the Alps (Ponte di Legno) to Venice. Then in the summer From Dublin to Galway. From Amsterdam to Breda, to Rotterdam & to Eindhoven. Then finally ending it in all, a winter trip to Budapest. I think my favourite place I travelled too in 2015 is Ireland, I just can't get enough of Ireland, closely followed by Budapest.

Milano <3

Ponte di Legno <3

Venice <3

Galway <3 

The Netherlands <3

Budapest <3 

5. My Cousin's Engagement - I helped my future cousin in-law propose to my cousin. It was a sweet and long walk around important parts of London (that linked with their relationship). Also pulled off some remarkable acting skills, skills I did not think I had. So amazing, It is do look out for me walking the red carpet. 

Now I have bridesmaid duties!

6. Hunter Hayes - So as you all know my birthday is in June, well as a present from my sister and cousin I got to see Hunter Hayes play at the O2 in Hammersmith! It was the best present ever and he was amazing! Though I was absolutely knackered for work the next day. But definitely a brilliant highlight and we made it on the last train home. Unlike a previous experience...were we missed the train by literally seconds. We watched it was depressing but also an experience haha.

It seems Blogger won't let me upload over a minute long video, so here is a snippet.

7. New Arrival - The arrival of my new cousin. Baby Beau. Though she spent almost a month without a name, we called her New Baby (NB) for a while...sometimes that is what we still call her.

8. Moving on - And final highlight, is being able to let go of the past, of all that happened in 2014, that broke my heart. I have stopped crying constantly, I stopped blaming myself, though at times I do think it is my fault, but I have stopped thinking I was solely to blame for what happened in my PGCE year. It was a tough year, I didn't let myself relax, I didn't ask for help, I wasn't supported like I should have been, but it is important that I found time to forgive myself, and to see it as an obstacle, rather than a failure. I now know, when I do apply again I will be 10 times more prepared, I will have more experience and hopefully new found confidence. 

So New Year's Resolutions for 2016.

1. Keep fit more. - The one year I don't make resolutions, I go and start running.But yes intend to maintain this. Including doing daily exercises which I have been doing quite religiously. (I've been getting up at half 6 every weekday, and do a little exercise before I start to get ready for work).

2. Be more positive. - If you don't already know, I am quite a pessimistic person, so to be positive...well it is a challenge. Something I really want to change. As I feel it will contribute to self confidence too. 

3. Write more. - I enjoy writing, so I need to blog a bit more, maybe even about makeup products! Anything just to get me writing again.

4. Drive! - I vaguely remembering this being a resolution a few years ago...Ha...yeah as you can tell that still hasn't happened. Oops. But this year I am determined!

5. Travel.- Last year I was very fortunate to travel to four countries. With work and my low income, this won't be as easily achieved but talks in motion for a city break. So watch this space, Sam is going on holiday! Even if it is Ireland again, just travelling somewhere is a resolution.

So ...once again sorry for such a late post. The second week of January is pretty much over, but I am still keeping out with most of my resolutions. 


Sam x

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