Friday, 10 February 2012

A Traveller's guide

So to keep up the Irish theme, I thought I would blog about every girl's travel essentials/guide for a short trip. (As you can tell I am running out of ideas relating to Ireland.) I thought about blogging about New York but then thought I would keep it to the Irish theme, after all I leave for Dublin very soon!

So...every girl's travel essentials/guide for a short trip. 

No.1 - Golden rule, Make a list. 

It makes packing so much easier. Make a list of what you intend to take, that way when you are packing you can tick things off and take out things you do not necessarily need. (If you are anything like me and like to carry a load of crap...then a list is VERY important.) I mean I know if I make a list it helps me not panic as much...I am one of those people...who have to check over and over again that it is in there...even though I know I put in there...a little OCD? Perhaps. 

No.2 - Be Practical.

From my last blog, I may have blogged about fashionable outfits...with a beautiful pair of Louboutin's. And it may look cool to tot around in a beautiful pair of high heels, it seriously is not practical. I mean a celebrity wouldn't need to carry anything other than their precious bag. Not that I have any experience of totting around in heels at an airport, but I do have experience wearing new shoes at an airport...and they rubbed. Anyway, it does look like I may have to tot around in heels...4 inch wedge shoes too be precise...I'll have a go and see what it is like to run around an airport wearing shoes and I will tell you the outcome. Probably won't go down well...since I am bit of a klutz...but hey perhaps I'll take this talent of mine and be a damsel in distress and fall into a handsome (preferably Irish...I am not too fussed ) stranger? Only one could hope...instead of...the other worse case scenarios...a) me falling flat on my face...making even more of a prat of not only will I fall, I'll scream to draw even more attention to myself. b) I'll or we will miss our plane because of my kick ass slowness...though I could always run, but me running? Scenario A will happen. c) I could trip...knock into something...and cause a domino affect of things falling. d) Or I will fall into someone...making them break something. 
Yes, I will fill you guys in, what it is like to be a celebrity and tot around in impractical shoes.  Yes perhaps I am being a little contradictory, telling you to be practical and I myself will be totting around in impractical shoes...but hey someone has to be a guinea pig...why not clumsy old Sam? 
Anyway...other than just practical shoes...seriously need to wear practical is freezing on the me...I have been on my fair share of 12 hour flights...and even two pair of socks is not enough. It is ridiculous the amount of girls I see wearing shorts onto planes. Yeah sure the place you may be landing in might be kick ass hot, but you can always change at the airport or even on board. Or you do what I do, plan your outfit that suits ice cold plane conditions and your destination. Say, wear leggings and a cute dress with a cardi and pumps...and then pack a pair of socks...or perhaps two...into your bag along with a cute scarf that can double up as a blanket, and bingo warm feet, and sort of warm self. 

For example:

With music, your phone...(not that you can use it) and a good book you are all set. (For a long haul flight anyway)

Summer sunshine, barefoot in the moonlight

No.3 - Think Ahead.

You will never know what will happen, say you get to your destination and the heavens opened and you get drowned and look like a drowned rat...then, yes it is important to pack an umbrella. Or your checked in luggage gets lost, delayed...some spare clothes in your hand luggage is godsend. Also girls. Remember your girly will never know. :)

No.4 - Documents. 

The MOST Important thing while travelling. Make sure you keep all documents into a nice little folder/plastic wallet. It saves you fishing into your giant bag looking for your documents.  Like Rachel in one wants that.
Also it would be a good idea to create duplicates of your flight information. For you and say if you are flying with someone else...just in case you leave your copy at home...but if you are flying by would be screwed. lol 

No.5 - Have patience.

I know there can be many problems at the airport. Flights being cancelled for a variety of reasons and you can get pretty pissed. I know I would be, the amount of times the bus or trains have been cancelled or delayed. I would suggest not to take it out on the poor people at the desk, it is not their fault, really it isn't. So what I would say is, breathe...bitch about the cancellation or delays to your friends and family, and if you are flying solo then the random person next to you. That way when you bitch you cool off and the poor person behind the desk would have one less person yelling at them. Trust me, the poor person probably has been yelled at already and probably really wouldn't want to add another person yelling at them, to their ever growing list.  Besides the person who works there are only human, like you and I.  

No. 6 - Be Prepared.

Very Prepared...This is not like catching a bus or train, when there will be another in half an hour, if you miss your are screwed...and I am not entirely sure, but you most likely will have to pay for another flight...don't take my word for it, I don't actually know, since I am normally quite an early person, so I get to the airport hours early. Anyway, yes, you need to be prepared, figure out when your flight is, when you have to be at the airport, and what time you should leave for the airport, judge the distance, and whether you will be likely to be caught in traffic. It is better to be bored out of your mind at the airport than sitting in a traffic jam, panicking about your flights.  But I bet you guys already knew that...but thought I'd throw it in here anyway.  

And if you are wondering whether I got the title for that polyvore thing I is from a song, guessed it...Lady Antebellum, from their Own the Night album. It is called Friday Night. And yes I have posted this song before, but I love Lady A.

So this is hardly Ireland related...but next week I will blog about my Dublin experience, and this week...was just to fill in the gap. :) 
I hope this travel guide, thing helped...though you probably all knew this anyway.

Sam x

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