Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flying In Style

So here is another fashion related blog, in regards to Ireland. You may have seen many pictures of celebrities walking around airports in well styled outfits. And even changing into a separate outfit before landing, well I decided to create some outfits, ones that I would wear, if I was said celebrity and another of normal old me, the practical outfit. 

Here goes:

Celebrity Outfit: Top Fashion Stylist...Sam.

Celebrity on board Style
Here is an outfit I would wear if I was said celebrity, It is perfect for the winter, though perhaps those beautiful Louboutin's are really not practical for the snow...but who cares, if you are a celeb you won't have to worry about walking far. Anyway, I thought the cute blouse and dark blue skinny jeans will keep me warm on the plane, with a beautiful Burberry trench coat. Very chic, and somewhat practical...also to accompany the outfit, there is a beautiful Mulberry satchel bag. You are no celebrity without the famous oversized sunglasses, and the ones I have chosen are Gucci. Also to add to the collection, I have a fancy looking passport holder and a cute hat, to cover up my A Lister status ;). Last but not least, I have chosen the world famous Louis Vuitton suitcase, normally I am not a huge fan of Louis, but I have to say I quite adore this suitcase. 
Like any other celebrity, I will have too many suitcases and well I wouldn't even have to lift a finger, all I would have to do is tot around in my beautiful Louboutin's ;). 

Practical Outfit: Education Studies Student Sam. 

Flying With Style 

Right, here is student Sam's high street outfit, high street yet very practical and most important of all affordable. This outfit is very similar to the outfit I will be wearing on board on my way to Dublin. It is simple and warm, and I don't have high heels to trip in. The black top and boots are from Dorothy Perkins, the jeans are from Miss Selfridge and the coat is from H&M. This is pretty much what I am taking with me on board. (Since I am restricted to one item in the cabin, I do not have a handbag.) Anyway the passport holder in this collection is much more prettier than the one I own. 

I am super excited for Dublin, I have already started packing...though I still have yet to put my heels into my suitcase...sooo I may end up like a celebrity and have to tot around in my heels...because well my heels are heavier than my boots and well...I am restricted to 10kg :( 

So my copy of Leap Year came and I watched it. (Twice) and yes it is cheesy but god do I love it. I love 'Anna from Boston's' Louboutin shoes and how she totted around in those beautiful shoes, with her Louis Vuitton suitcase! Brave, brave woman, I think my feet would have fallen off if I had to walk around Ireland in those shoes! Yet they are very beautiful. 
It is quite a funny movie and despite the geographical nonsense, I do adore that movie. 

Leap Year - Anna O' Brady Callaghan

Leap Year 

Here is my interpretation of Anna Brady's outfit, well what I would wear anyway. As you can see I have used those beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes twice...well three times if you include my Gossip Girl one. Anyway, those Louboutin shoes are absolutely gorgeous...they are called 'Viola' and cost £525. I would wear them Anyway, I thought that blush colour blouse would go well with a cute belted black pencil skirt and with the Burberry coat, a very cute outfit, and very business like. With the Louis Vuitton suitcase and a cute cream bag.Ooh and I have the traditional Irish ring called the Claddagh ring.It's not quite Tiffany's but still a beautiful ring. And of course Anna's Blackberry. One of my favourite lines from the movie involve her Blackberry. 
Anna: 'You fried my Blackberry.'
Declan: 'You fried the whole village!' 
Anyway my all time favourite quote from the movie is this one:
' May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you.' 
This is such a cute quote! Soooo cute!

This was the song in the movie, well at the end of the movie and I think it is quite cute. 'You got me' by Colbie Caillat.
Also what I loved about the movie was Declan O'Callaghan, and his man ways of not understand the value of Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin! Lol but he was a lovable character.

Anyway my travel bracelet arrived. It is beautiful, I will be adding some charms to it soon! I will wear this with me on my travels.Here is a picture of it: 

To continue the Irish theme, I recommend reading 'Something From Tiffany's' by Melissa Hill, It is a wonderful story, absolutely wonderful and if you didn't love Tiffany's before you sure will now. The book starts of Christmas Eve New York City. It sounds absolutely magical, makes me want to spend Christmas in New York. Anyway, you will instantly fall in love with Ethan, and well absolutely hate Gary. Ethan is British while Gary is well Irish. The bulk of the story is set in Ireland. Anyway Ethan, ever the lovable character, goes to Tiffany's to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring, while Gary the douchebag, goes to Tiffany's to buy his girlfriend a charm bracelet, to thank her for a trip of a lifetime to New York and because he left his Christmas shopping to the last minute...see what I mean by douchbag? Anyway their bags get mixed up...and yeah...drama drama drama. Here is my favourite quote from the book, and it inspired the name of this account. 
"Bread- like real love- took time, cultivation, strong loving hands and patience. It lived, rising and growing to fruition only under the most perfect circumstances. If the water was too warm, it killed the yeast; too cool and the yeast was not inspired to grow the bread. Without enough sugar, the yeast would starve, leaving the bread flat and lifeless; if the air was not humid enough, the yeast could not spur the bread to reach its full potential."

Anyway Dublin soon! Let's hope this snow doesn't ruin my plans!

Love Sam x

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