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Leap Year

So I have been rattling my brain, wondering what I could blog about this week. There is no news on the New York front so I started thinking about Ireland, and well as you know I am going to Ireland next month, which is like in less than three weeks time, exciting times :) Anyway, as I was saying...Ireland, it then reminded me of a movie I watched called Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and fellow Brit Matthew Goode. He convinced me that he was Irish! Though looking back at the trailer now, I can tell it is put on haha, but before, I swore he was Irish. 
Leap Year is a real chick flick, and if you haven't guessed by now...besides being a shopaholic, I am a real girly girl and I love my chick flicks, LOVE my chick flicks. I can list a number of my favourite chick flicks, but my all time favourite movie well has to be Lord of the Rings...surprised? I would have thought so, I love everything about Lord of the Rings, and super excited for The Hobbit. <3 

Anyway back to the movie Leap Year, thought I would talk about it, since it is One: Set in Ireland.
Two: It's a Leap Year this year. 
Three: Matthew Goode is sort of hot.
Four: I adore the Irish accent.  

Here is the trailer. 

A review of Leap Year
 Four stars (or rather Four Irish clovers)
I would give this movie five stars, it is really good and really cheesy.  But it has it faults, hence why it didn't quite make it to five clovers. 

Map of Ireland 
 Image from 

1. It doesn't make geographical all. 
The first part of the movie is set in Boston, Massachusetts. Leading lady Anna Brady (Amy Adams) flies from Boston to Dublin Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on the 29th February. Simple...yeah no...Her flight has complications which is diverted to Cardiff, Wales.  Which is sort of understandable, I mean there is a storm so she can't fly straight to Dublin so a detour to the United Kingdom...hence Cardiff...Anyway, while at Cardiff she hires a boat to take her to Cork. Bearing in mind Cork is in the south of Ireland while Dublin is in the East, but whatever...she obviously just wanted to get to she hopped onto a boat to Cork. While on the boat, the storm is still going which means while on the boat, instead of landing in Cork like she planned, she lands in Dingle Peninsula. You may wonder where that is in the South West of Ireland...yes that's right...South I said it didn't make geographical sense. But whatever. Does she make it to Dublin by the 29th? The answer is well...yes. But it isn't all that airy fairy, she had complications on the way, that involving Matthew Goode's character, hot Irish man Declan O'Callaghan. 

Dingle Peninsula

Image from 

See what I mean from the two maps? Doesn't make geographical sense.

2. Another reason to why it only has four clovers is, because of the was cute I give you that, but I sort of found it really unrealistic...ok, the whole movie probably wasn't realistic at all, but still. If I watch it again, I probably will still love it lol. 

Do bear in mind I have only watched this movie once, and the memory of this movie is from last summer, so I am terribly sorry if I have made some mistakes...though I have ordered it on DVD off Amazon, so that I can watch it before I go to Dublin with the girls. 
Anyway overall the movie is good, and Ireland is beautiful, now let's just hope that I don't quite have the same luck as Anna Brady...I rather not have our flight diverted to Cardiff, which then leads me to catch a boat that takes me to Dingle Peninsula instead of Cork. But if it does happen...then I very much would like a Declan O'Callaghan. 
Scrap that, I want to meet a Declan O'Callaghan whether or not I have the same fate as Anna Brady. I guess this isn't much of a review of the movie, but why let me spoil the movie for you? ;) 
Anyway this year is a Leap Year, nothing significant to me really, It just an extra day to the year, but to all you ladies out there this year is the year to propose to your boyfriend...after all it is a Leap Year! Romantic old me would rather have the man propose, but if you are tired of waiting and well are very brave, then 29th of Feb is your day! :) 

Anyway this is going to be a short blog, but I thought I would finish it off, with something...well Irish. The girls and I are planning where we are going and what we are going to see, one of them is this:

Leprechaun Museum

That's right there is such museum. a museum dedicated entirely to Leprechauns! I hope it is a good museum! 19 days till Dublin! (counting today)

Sam x

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