Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dublin Baby!

I have good news! Before you even think it is a job is not. But from the title I am pretty sure you can guess that I have fulfilled or rather will be fulfilling one of my New Year Resolutions! That's right I am going to Dublin! The dates are set, the tickets booked, the hotel or rather in my case Bed and Breakfast booked! Super excited! Already planning on what I will take with me! Like I said before I am super organised!  It feels so good to know that I am going to fulfil one of my  New Year's Resolutions! A great motivator! It makes me want to accomplish the others on my list. I am super excited, so are the three friends going with me! It is going to be one great girly trip! Three nights and four days well ish! Anyway there is still lots of planning to do, need to plan what we are going to do, where we will go, need to budget some money! Speaking about budgeting money I am already budgeting finances for when I am in New York, even if I don't have a job yet! 

I was really worried about telling my parents about my plans to go to Ireland for a few days, I honestly thought they would totally freak out, like they did when I mentioned about working in New York. But in fact they seemed pretty calm about it, perhaps Ireland is nothing in comparison to my New York bombshell. Anyway I told them about my plans ( I had done my research prior to telling them) and they seem pretty relaxed about it. So what I hope that you as the readers can take away with you guys from reading this blog is that: Communication is key. 
After mentioning Dublin, I spoke to them about New York, explaining how helpful the company I am going with are. I told them about the jobs I have applied for and how long I plan to go for. Now they seem less weary and more supportive with my decisions. My mum even suggested I do my research of American legislation's. My mum is a real worrier, she is the sort of angry worrier, ones who have really angry tones and comes up with all the worst case scenarios. While my dad, he is a silent man, a silent worrier. It sort of surprised me when he asked me 'Don't you think we would worry about you?' The answer to that question is well yes. I do know that they will be worried. I mean who wouldn't? 
I feel less anxious and stressed now that I have spoken to them, gained their approval, their trust in me. They trust me to know what I am doing and I am eternally grateful, that they are letting me do this, that they are letting me grow up, letting me have my own adventures and to make my own mistakes. 
I didn't realise until now that communication was all it took, just talking to my parents helped relieve my anxieties and their worries. I see now why they always got angry with me, when I wouldn't tell them anything. When I went out I would spring it on them last minute, so they couldn't say no. The truth is I was so afraid of them saying no, that is why I told them last minute, just so that I could go out. But that was wrong of me. I remember a few times when my parents said no and I still went out, how stupid I was, for not telling them earlier, how angry and worried they must of been, when I stormed out ignoring their orders. This is why parents always want to know: Where you are? Where you are going? Who you are with? What time will you be home? How you are getting home? It is all out of love. I feel so silly now for how I behaved as a teenager. How stupid I was to think that if I told my parent's last minute, they wouldn't have a chance to say no. They said 'no' out of frustration, frustrated with my behaviour and perhaps the fact they had already prepared my portion for dinner and I said I was going out. 
So yes communication is so important. Before I spoke to my parents, my mum would tell everyone that I was going to New York on a silly girl's dream, but now that I actually spoke to her, she doesn't think I am being as stupid or as naive. I explained that I have done my research. My dad still as silent as ever, but I know he is relieved that I actually spoke about it. 

I know it can be scary telling your parents about something big, something that can cause quite an impact in your life, but there is nothing to be worried about. At the end of the day, they know that they have to let you make your own decisions, make your own mistakes. By speaking to them they can offer you their guidance and advice, sometimes not always support,but there will always be love. 
I have always been quite an indecisive person, but I have never been as sure as I am today about going to New York and I have full respect for my parents, for their angry outbursts, their list of worst case scenarios and for their ultimate trust and faith they have in me. 

So this blog is dedicated to my mum and dad, I love you and thank you for giving me the support and love I need to fulfil my dreams. Despite our difference and disagreements, and your slightly over protectiveness, I am forever grateful. <3


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