Sunday, 1 January 2012

My American Dream

I am a writer, just not your average blog writer, more of your fictional writer. Amateur writer anyway. I thought why not write about my dreams, about my experiences, and hopefully I can be able to fulfill my dreams and inspire others in following your own dreams. Well I need to accomplish my dreams first before I can inspire anyone. 
So it is the first of January 2012 and hopefully in six months time, I will be standing in the 'Big Apple' fulfilling my dream and making new ones. 
There are many obstacles between me and my 'Big Apple' dream however I am going to try my best to overcome all these hurdles. 
One hurdle well obviously will be money...I am not well know as a saver, actually my middle name might as well be shopaholic. I am terrible, but at least I stick to high street and not designer, cannot say the same for makeup, but that's a different story. I am a girl who loves to shop and New York will be my haven. Any shopaholics dream shopping destination, well in my opinion anyway. 
Two: well that will be my parents, or rather my family. Let's just say I come from a strict Asian family, any Asians out there I think you will understand. You see I am not just planning to go out to New York for my birthday and a holiday, nope I have decided to work there for the summer, for about three months. Hence why my family think I am completely mad for deciding to go to a country that I have never been too, where I know absolutely no one, I just want to 
Three: That will be my degree, I am a second year student, and well as you may know the first year doesn't count to your overall degree but your second and third year does...well my own personal goal is not to only pass this year but to also get a 2:1 to match my 21 years on this earth. Well who doesn't want a 2:1? 
So do you think I am crazy for deciding to randomly go to New York and work for the summer? Many people think I am naive to think that New York is well like a fairytale. To be honest, I am 20 years old and I am a big girl, I know that New York isn't how it is portrayed in TV programs and movies, well not all of it anyway. And I am not sitting on a silly girl's naive fantasy, I know the dangers, what dangers I could be putting myself in, but isn't it part of life to well simply take risks? I have never been a spontaneous girl, and I suppose this dream of mine is sort of spontaneous, since I will not know what is out there, who I will meet, what it is like. But I will be well organised, I will do my checks, I will avoid places with high danger zones. 
Come June I am not going to pack my suitcase, grab my passport and hop on a plane to NYC and go job hunting no, there are so many procedures, so that's why I have signed up to a company that specifically helps people fulfill their dreams of working abroad. Like I said before I'm organised. Anyway If you want to know about that company I signed up with, I shall be writing it in another blog, I don't want to bore my readers (if there is any) with a long blog.
Anyway hopefully I can fulfill my dreams and perhaps you be here to follow me to fulfill my dreams.

 This is a picture taken last night, New Year's Eve 2011 and I am convinced the city on my top is NYC, so a New Year, New Start, New York. 


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