Monday, 18 March 2013

The How To Guide: Interviews

Hey all,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write another blog. I have been so busy. Uni is driving me absolutely insane, with the mounting work load. I want to cry from all this pressure. Over the past couple of months since I last blogged. I finally got an interview! After waiting over a month or so for an interview. So I spent a few weeks preparing my interview and practising for my skills test. which I passed, thankfully! (That is one down and one more to go!) 
So my interview was last month. At the time, I knew I gave it my all. When I walked out of that interview, I knew I gave it my all...I did the best I could. 
It is funny that I didn't panic. because I know what I am like. When I get an interview, I tend to flip out, panic and stutter. I was really surprised that I stayed so calm and level-headed.
So my interview was on the 13th of February, a day before Valentine's Day. I wouldn't say I walked out confident, but like I said above I walked out knowing I gave it my all, I tried my best. Like I knew I didn't screw up in anyway, well perhaps with the punctuation and written task we had to do,but I knew my presentation went smoothly, I didn't need my notes, I memorised it all.As for the actual interview process...I managed to speak coherently, and not screw up...though I did say the word 'Kid' a few times instead of 'children'. 
But anyway! I GOT A PLACE. Yep, on Tuesday 26th of February I got an email, saying that my GTTR application changed...and I was scared...I was like CRAP...I was shaking like a real leaf when I checked my GTTR application thing...well to be fair I was crying before I even saw I got a conditional offer. Then cried some more when I realised I got in. I double checked just to make sure I wasn't seeing things...but YES I have a place for my PGCE. 
10 days after my interview I get an offer :) I am a very happy girl! I was surprised that I did not check the GTTR website...not once after my interview....I mean before I even got an interview, I checked it constantly. Seriously...all the time. 
Anyway, I know that my blog has gone off track, well obviously my dream is going to New York. So I guess this is about my progress to the 'Big Apple" well when I eventually make it. I am really hoping that I make it this year. I have been looking at a whole range of different tours and it makes me all excited. Though I haven't booked anything and I really need too!
I am going to be so busy this summer and I know I won't be able to do 'Work America' this summer. However much I really want too. I really want to work there so bad. Maybe that is just not something I am meant to do...I will just dream about going to New York instead. I will make it to New York I will!

Here is a picture of my Interview outfit.  

On the day of my interview, it was a very cold day. So hence why I opted for boots. I went for a teal blazer and a simple plain black dress. 
Anyway, as a little present for myself...I made a few purchases....

 (Forever 21, Black Maxi Dress)

(Dorothy Perkins, Navy and White Striped Dress)

I know, I am awful, a HUGE HUGE shopaholic...very very bad one lol. I shop too much, anyway...I thought I will end with a few tips about what to do in an interview. 
Rule No.1: Do not whatsoever panic...It will do you no good. I know it is hard not too, but if you really want this job/ will give it your all. 

Rule No.2: Show confidence, You may be be shaking like a leaf inside, but if you show confidence, it will make you feel so much better. Honestly, I went in there telling myself to 'Just do it' and I didn't even think twice about how nervous I was. 

Rule No.3: If the opportunity arises in a group interview...go first...I know it is scary to even think about going first...but it is best to get it out of the way then sit there and wait for your turn, because waiting is the worst and it just eats you up inside. Trust me going first is a hell not better than going last. I had to do a group presentation and I put myself forward to go first...I think not only does it help with my nerves because I would have already done my presentation, but I think it actually helps to show that you are confidence, because I mean it takes a lot to bite the bullet and go first. (Grant it at the time, after I did my presentation and heard everyone else's I thought mine was a bad idea...but clearly the interviewers liked what they saw since I got a place.) 

Rule No.4: Show emotions - Make sure you maintain eye contact and smile, it is not attractive if you go into an interview looking like the undead. I kept reminding myself to smile, to make eye contact...something I must have failed to do in previous interviews.

Rule No.5: Try not to fidget - Easier said than done, when I am nervous, I fidget, I twirl my hair around my fingers, I bite my nails (and I don't even normally do that!) I think I managed to not to move so much, because I was too busy concentrating on maintaining eye contact and smiling. 

Anyway, I hope these most definitely helped me :) 

One more thing, what do you think of this bag? I want it so it bad that I want to treat myself to another item...when I already bought two dress?

It is bloody beautiful! I want it SOOOOO bad....I am a terrible bag person...I buy WAYYYYYY tooooo many bags...seriously like last year I bought like four bags. I just can't control myself...I am the Bag lady hahaha! I remember when I was at school, I would always have two massive bags...Anyway....should I go to the dark side and buy this beautiful Accessorize bag? Or Be good and something I don't technically need.

Sam x

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