Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

I debating for a while whether to make new year's resolutions. I made far too many last year and failed to even complete half. So maybe I won't be too over ambitious with my new year's resolutions. Last year when I blogged I was so full of hope, so full of excitement.I believed with all my heart that I would be spending a summer of a lifetime in the United States of America, but that dream never came true. Funny I started of this year being very upset, seriously got quite upset as the clock stroked twelve for the new year. So I guess here are my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Graduate with a 2:1
This is my final year and I graduate this year! Oh how time has flown by, it only seems like yesterday when I started my first year. For my first year I got a 2:2 and for my second I got a 2:1. So it would be absolutely grand to finish off my degree on a high with a 2:1.

2. Be More Positive
I have always been a pessimistic person. My glass has always been half empty rather than full. I use to be a lot worse back when I was a teen, I have improved, but I am still a very negative person. 

3. Get Fit
Everyone thinks just because I am skinny it does not mean I don't need to exercise. If you ever seen me run for a bus you will know why I need to keep fit. I tell you now running for public transport is not fun when you get on and you sound like a heaving dog. One; it doesn't look cool and two; it is not attractive. Though I have to say there has been one time where I ran from the bus to the train, jumping on just as the doors close. Jumping on without falling over too! I felt like I was on some action movie, pulling off a stunt like that haha. But yes I need to keep fit. 

4. Don't Leave Essays To The Last Minute
Yes I know I made this resolution last year, and I did evidently leave some essays to the last minute, but I have learnt not to do that again lol. I know I shouldn't haha! Because I cannot write essays at the very last minute, my grades proved that. 

5. Go On Holiday
Bit of a weird New Year's Resolution, but I graduate this year and I want to travel, there is so many places I want to travel too. Of course you all know New York is my main destination, but if I can I would travel for the whole summer. 

(I can finally wear this bracelet on my grand travels. The purpose of this bracelet was to wear it when I go on my travels. That's why I bought it and added a whole bunch of charms to it.)

Some of the destinations on my my bucket list and I know It is impossible to make it to all these destinations this year.


New York City - Where big lights will inspire you 
I have dreamt about New York for so long, I must make it there. 
Boston - Home of Harvard University
I really want to go to Boston, and go to Harvard University and get a jumper lol. Hell yes I want to pretend I go to Harvard! lol 
Washington D.C - Home of the Free
Who doesn't want to go to the home of the president? I mean it is Washington D.C!
Nashville - Home of Country Music
I love, love country music, and wish ever so much that it was big in Britain. 
Florida - Home of the Theme Parks
I am not one for rollercoasters, but I do want to go to Disneyland, Universal, etc 
Las Vegas - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
It's Vegas, everyone wants to make it there at least once in their life.
Grand Canyon - A Beautiful Sight
Despite my height phobia, I would love to go to the Grand Canyon.
San Diego - Comic Con
I just want to go to San Diego, for Comic Con lol
Los Angeles - Home Of The Rich And Famous
Who Doesn't want to make it to LA? And walk the path of the stars? Pretending you live in Beverly Hills 90210. And go window shopping down Rodeo Drive!!
San Francisco - The Golden Gate City
From all the movies I have watched San Fran looks so cool! Hey maybe I'll bump into the Charmed Ones haha.

Ireland - Irish Luck
I've been to Dublin already, So I'll love to make it to other parts of Ireland, like Cork, Limerick, Galway
Spain - Hola!
I have been to Barcelona, and would love to go to other parts of Spain like Madrid and the south of Spain. 
Italy - Italia!
I have dreamt about going to Italy too! I want to go to Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence!

 So here are my new year's resolutions, trying to keep them a bit more realistic and less ambitious. This is bit of a short blog but here they are, hopefully I can accomplish them all this year, and maybe I can make some of my dreams come true. Not being too hopeful. 

Anyway Happy New Year everyone! May all your dreams come true! :)

Sam x

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