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2012 In A Nutshell

Hey all, I know not a great blogger. Been so busy with everything and well a little lazy. I finally sent my GTTR application. Fingers cross I get an interview! Anyway with my whole career on the line. I keep checking the website for an interview , when I mean check, ooh no I don't just check once a day. It is multiple times. One time I must have checked the website 6 times! Going insane, all my friends have interviews and I have nothing. Though thinking about it now. I'd rather have an interview after Christmas. Though I don't even have one yet. Sigh. I have calmed down with the checking and only checking it once a day. ha.
So yes now my career is now depending on an interview and I can't do anything other than wait and get on with uni work. My lecturers accepted my enquiry project proposal, so I guess that is one good news. Haven't had much good news this year. Everything was going absolutely grand until April. From then on everything has pretty much gone wrong. I never got to live my dream, I got ill, realised I'm allergic to penicillin, lost someone I loved sooooooooo much, have even more things fall apart. So 2012 most certainly hasn't been my year. The highlights? There aren't many but there has been some moments that I have enjoyed.

In ascending order:
1. Dublin - (February 2012)  the only holiday I ever went on this year. I went with some of my best friends, and it was such an amazing trip, even my my friend's poor attempt at being Irish. (Seriously she spent the whole trip trying to being Irish, she wasn't Irish at all)
And me apparently yelling and getting excited over a pair of Louboutins! I just remember seeing them and going Louboutins! I did have quite a few martinis. Rather yummy martinis may I add.

Lindsey Kelk - (2 June 2012) I met Lindsey Kelk at her signing for "I Heart London" and she signed my "I Heart New York" and "I Heart London" books, she was so nice. And it was my first ever book signing! I'm sure to attend more :) her books was the ones that inspired me to become a blogger!!! And made me fall in love with New York even more. 

3.My not so planned 21st Birthday -(June 2012) so I didn't get to live my dream, I wasn't in the Big Apple as I turned 21, but I appreciated what my family and friends did for me. From my New York inspired breakfast to the West End tickets to watch Wicked. 

4. London Olympics - (July 2012) as from my previous blogs, I wasn't all that excited for the Olympics, but as the opening ceremony drew near, I got really excited! And I was lucky enough to attend one of the sporting events! I got to watch Tennis!!!!! At Wimbledon!! I love Tennis!!!!!! Even if I can't play! I mean I saw famous people play! I got John Isner's signature! I had Wimbledon's famous Strawberries and cream! Best experience ever! One I know I won't get the opportunity to re-live! 

5. Centre Parcs - (September 2012) So after all the drama and heartache this summer, we almost cancelled this mini getaway. It was a mini girly get away with my sister and cousins. Just before my sister and I returned to uni. On one of the nicest weekends all year. We left the Friday and returned on Monday. I didn't blog about Centre Parcs, but I definitely recommend it. Unfortunately you have to pay for activities as well as for lodging, but still overall an amazing experience. My cousins and sister participated in "Aerial Tree Trekking" (I believe it was called that) I did not participate because I am a big fat chicken and I have a huge phobia of heights. I mean huge phobia, so huge that I will cry and till I am safe on the ground ha. 
Anyway I did take lots of photos. Also you can hire a bike for your entire trip for £25, and I would say it is so worth the money. We cycled everywhere, and I remembered why I don't ride bikes. I injured myself within 10 minutes of receiving the bike. I gave myself a rather large nasty bruise, by trying to be a good citizen and letting a family past and evidently almost falling off my bike. I'm such a huge klutz. Anyway, other than cycling everywhere, we went to the free attractions, like swimming, which was so much fun, even for a girl who cannot swim. I went down my first slides, yeah I know, it takes me this long to pluck up the courage to go down slides, it's my fear of drowning I suppose. I went down the long dark one, once, I get a bit claustrophobic in closed slides ha. Other than the slides there was a really cool rapids, seriously so cool, it goes so fast and it is so funny, though the first time I went on it, I cut myself ha. Yeah I know what a klutz. 
Anyway, we also paid to go a boat for half an hour on the lake, where we stupid went through the fountain in the middle, thinking our stuff would not get wet. Guess what it did. I mean everything was soaked. Still funny at the time, not so much now, since it has murdered my phone and iPod. On our final full day, we did Laser Combat. We was going to do paintballing, but I have done that before and man alive does it hurt. Laser Combat was pretty cool, silly old me should have taken my glasses, I couldn't see much, being short sighted and all, it was more of a guesstimation game for me haha. Shooting randomly. Safe to say I died a few times. Anyway, overall it was a nice getaway from reality, from all that has happened to us as a family. 
I definitely would recommend going to Centre Parcs, we went to the Elveden Forest one in Suffolk, we took the train, and it wasn't to bad of a commute, just don't drink too much.

 (Us girlies with our bikes)
 (Our view from our Cabin, so pretty)
 (Our first full day, waiting for their activity)
 (Braveheart One)
 (Braveheart Two)
 (Braveheart Three)

 (Waiting for one of our many trains)
 (Me and the birdies)
 (Such a beautiful day)
 (Waiting to go on the lake)
 (Before I got wet)

 (Last Day)

 (Me and a giant doughnut!)

So let's take a look at my New Year Resolutions 2012, did I successfully accomplish them?

1. Be in New York for my 21st Birthday.
As you all know, this never happened. So that will be a no.
2. Get back into driving.  
Though I am not driving as much as I would like, I am back driving, even if it is for 10 minutes and once a week. I am still doing it. Yes.
3. Spend a weekend in Ireland.
As you all know I went to Dublin, so that is a yes.
4. Get a 2:1! 
As the perfect early birthday present, I found out I got a 2:1! Despite leaving some essays to the last minute lol
5. Finish a story!
With all the drama going on this year, and being plagiarised, I never finished a story.
6. Be Spontaneous!
Hmmm I wouldn't say I have been very spontaneous.
7. Do not leave essays to the last minute! 
Yeah, I left essays to the last minute...
8. Get up earlier!/Sleep earlier!
HA. This most certainly did not happen.
9. Go out more, live a little.
I suppose I have, even if it is only a little. I went to Dublin, in June I spent a lot of time in London.
10. Be my age.
Hmmm....still mature for my age, and something I feel that won't change. 

So I accomplish 4 out of 10. HA Not even half. That is terrible lol. 
  Anyway, as 2012 comes to an end. A new year begins. I welcome 2013 with open arms, and I really hope things change for me. I really hope more of my dreams come true.  I really hope I get a place on a PGCE course. I really hope I make it to America. I really hope I graduate with a good honour! I really hope I pass my skills test first time. I just hope that 2013 will bring me more hope, faith and happiness. Rather than a year filled with broken dreams, sadness and heartache.
I haven't had many highlights to share with you all, however the best moment definitely has to be the Olympics. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one I am so lucky to have experienced. 
 One of the last pictures take of me and my beloved grandmother. I have regretted a lot, for my pure laziness and not seeing her as often as I should have. So I would advise to cherish every single moment with your loved ones and don't take them for granted.Love is the most powerful magic of all, I truly believe in that. 

So this is a pretty long blog, I apologise for my absence. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness and of course lots of presents and food. 
I want to wish you all a happy new year, may 2013 be prosperous for you all. May everyones dreams come true. 

 (Taken Christmas Day 2012)

Sam x


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