Friday, 5 October 2012

Apologies for my Absence

Sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long time. Over two months, wow. Sorry. A lot has happened since my last blog, personal issues, that I will not burden you all with. It has been a very, very rough past two months, and things still haven't really gotten any better. 

Safe to say that, I am so glad, that I wasn't in New York this summer, I guess I now know why I was not meant to be in the States. I don't know what I would have done, or how I would have felt, if I was in the states, when all this drama happened.

Anyway, other than having one crappy summer, minus going to Olympics of course, I am now back at uni and in my final year, eeek. I am absolutely freaking out! My first and second year seemed to just fly by, and now I am in my final year, and before I know it, I would have hopefully graduated. 
I have a lot to do this year, besides from catching up with the mounting work and writing amazing essays. I have to apply for the PGCE, and well I am freaking out over which university to apply for, and how I am going to write my personal statement. Applications open next Wednesday, and right now I am freaking out like mad. the date has arrived soo soon, I still can't believe it is October. Deadline is the 1st of December, (I think). 

I am so scared, I just want my degree now, and a nice teaching certificate and be done lol. But nope, you have to work for your degree and teaching certificate. 

You see I was planning to head over to the 'City that never sleeps,' where 'Bright lights will inspire you.' With BUNAC for the summer. (Yes I want to try the whole Work America thing again) Next year, but it seems I won't have time to do that :( I really want to work in New York for the summer, but I guess that dream will never happen. 

Oh New York, I Love You <3
So other than freaking out about my future, and getting all upset about not making my dream come true. I am going to the Josephine Hart Poetry Week next Thursday, and I am super excited. Of course when I first heard about it, I heard that my celebrity crush and my slight crazy obsession, was to perform, I was straight on the website to buy tickets. Of course I did not know what day my said Obsession *cough* Crush would be performing, so I just opted for a day I would be available to attend, and Just now, well today, I received devastating  news that he would be performing on the Friday not the Thursday. SOB SOB Heartbroken. 
Before you all think I am weird/ stalker. I actually have a genuine interest in Poetry. I went to an event when I was 15 and really enjoyed myself, so yes my first intention was to actually see my celebrity crush obsession. In the flesh, but I guess I won't, sob sob....I didn't have to meet him, just to see him the flesh would have been enough for me. And make up for the rather crappy summer I have had, the crappy summer, that seemed to have carried it's problems with me through autumn...but oh well. 
I am sure you all know who my celebrity crush obsession is. No? Oh here is a reminder. :) 

 Well isn't he just pretty? :) <3

So I am super excited for next week, and a bit upset heartbroken, that I do not get to see Eddie read out some poetry, but oh well. It will be a good night, I am going with one of my best friends, so it will be a nice girly night :)

I shall let you know how it goes, if I have time to blog...unfortunately for me the third year does not get any easier. I have even more work, two that needs to be handed in next week, and a bunch of independent reading, that I MUST do, and I work too now, so I don't seem to have much free time anymore. As I have to do my hourly exercise, which I not sticking to very well. Supposed to do some exercise everyday, but failing at actually doing that. 

Anyway, this is a totally random blog, sorry for not blogging often, I will try to blog soon, as soon as I find some spare time, away from work, uni, or stressing my pants off over the PGCE, I shall blog, and review those books I said I would review. 

Thanks for reading :)

Sam x

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