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London 2012 Olympics

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. Well not since June and well it is August now. I have been busy trying and failing quite miserably at getting a summer job. It is clear that no one wants me in America no one wants me here in the UK. Anyway asides from the lack of a summer, do I still wish that I am in NY? Well of course I do. I have had many moments where I have wished that I was in the States more than anything else. Lots of little arguments with the rents, over the lack of a job, over America and I guess everything. So there has been lots of tears, mostly me wishing soooo much that I was in New York. And yes I still do wish I was there. 
Other than this pretty rubbish summer, there is one thing I am absolutely grateful that I was in England for and that would be the London Olympics. At first I wasn't all that bothered about the Olympics, sure I knew I would support Team GB but I wasn't all that enthusiastic. I didn't even bother go and watch the torch in my local town, which was a mistake...but still I started to get really into the Olympics four days before the Opening Ceremony. Mostly because I was attending the second rounds at Wimbledon. And I have to say it was the best experience ever. So I thought I would share with you all my experience of the Olympics in my home country.

Monday 30th July 2012 - Day Three Wimbledon 

Firstly my friend and I (whom had the tickets and invited me along to go with him!) We made our way into London, which surprisingly wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, a quick tube ride and a couple wrong turns in Wimbledon Park we made it to Wimbledon, and every year I watch the tennis on the telly and getting pretty into it. (Despite my non existent ability to play tennis) and this year I actually said I wanted to attend Wimbledon, and guess what I got the chance too, a once in a life time opportunity to be at Wimbledon for the Olympics. I feel so privileged. 
 (My Olympic Ticket to the Tennis at Wimbledon)

Anyway arriving at Wimbledon we took our seats at the FRONT! Sitting behind a player! Sure we missed the first three games (due to us getting lost in Wimbledon Park - we tried to be smart to beat the crowd and get off at another station- basically took as the same amount of time- oh well) 
 (Court No.1)

The first match of Court No.1 was

David Goffin of Belgium Versus Juan Monaco of Argentina

(Goffin I had heard of and I was rooting for him - Unfortunately Goffin lost) 
 Juan Monaco Of Argentina

 David Goffin of Belgium

 The final score. 

The second match we saw was 
Miss Serena Williams of the United States Versus Urszula Radwanska of Poland (and this is the younger Radwanska) 
 Urszula Radwanska of Poland
 Serena Williams of the USA

Of course I was rooting for Miss Williams and well she delivered. Miss Radwanska put on a good match though! I say she is one to watch! Still very young think we are a similar age! And my tennis ability is well like I said before non existent. 

 (Pretty awesome action shots if I say so myself)

Also at Court No.1 was Gethin Jones! Soooo handsome! 
 Gethin Jones! SO pretty <3

The third match well this was the match I really wanted to see! 

John Isner of the United States Versus Malek Jaziri of Tunisia. 
 (The Players arriving on Court.1)
 John Isner of the United States of America <3
 Isner <3
 Malek Jaziri of Tunisia

I was so looking forward to seeing John Isner purely because of him holding the longest Wimbledon Match title along with Nicholas Mahut and I really wanted to see how tall he actually was! And man alive is he tall! And very handsome too ;) Sooo I took 45 pictures in total of John Isner! I didn't even realise I was snapping away that much till my friend was like 'You are taking a lot of photos of Isner' hahahaha oops. 
So here is just a few of my 45 pictures of er John Isner.

Anyway after putting my camera away I watched Isner play Jaziri and I was right behind Isner all the way and well he won. 
Here are some picture of you can see not as many of him...

After the match John Isner started to do signings! Such a lovely lovely man, and I of course jumped at the chance of getting an autograph! Wish I asked for a picture! Being right at the front had it's advantages! No other players did signings but the lovely John Isner. He came across as such a humble player! after receiving an autograph from Isner, he sure shot up my 'Favourite Tennis Players List' 
 (The Final Score)
 (John Isner doing signings - what a lovely man <3)

Anyway after gaining the autograph we decided to skip the last match scheduled for Court No.1 and went to get some grub, I got a hotdog and Wimbledon's famous Strawberries and Cream and 'Fruit Cup' which basically was Pimms. They sure rob you of your money for the food! 
(I had to get a Pimms and Strawberries & Cream - it is part of Wimbledon, and well I was there so why not, despite it costing me £9.50 in total - like I said they robbed you for your money for food!) 
(Pimms and Strawberries & Cream)

Anyway after grabbing our grubs we headed for Court No.2 which was an unreserved court, so we queued to watched the Williams sisters play in doubles against an Bulgaria pair. And of course the Williams sisters won, they are like the queens of doubles tournaments! The next matched that was scheduled for Court No.2 was the men's doubles and Mr Roger Federer was playing, but they moved it to Court No.1 at the last minute! So my friend and I raced back to Court No.1 from 2, bearing in mind that Court 2 is quite far from Court No.1! 

Anyway we made it back on time to watch the match start. It was such an unexpected bonus! We weren't supposed to watch Federer play but we did! 
So yes Switzerland V Japan! Unfortunately for me my camera decided to die for the Men's Doubles match soo I couldn't take as much pictures of Roger Federer as I did of John Isner.
 (Japan V Switzerland)
 Roger Federer! <3
Stan Wawrinka

 A few pictures of the world No.1
(HA I love Federer's face in this picture lol)

Japan put up such a good fight, they won their first set and the Federer and team mate Wawrinka won their second, the third and final set was tense, so tense! The Japanese are actually pretty good! Both teams gave it their all and gave brilliant rallies that really kept the crowd going. But in the end Switzerland won, and I literally jumped out of my seat in excitement and absolute happiness! Clapping like mad and cheering the players on! 
It was such an amazing experience, honestly words cannot simple describe how I was feeling then and how I am feeling now, the atmosphere at Wimbledon was absolutely phenomenal, the crowds really got into it, just being there was enough for me, but to get John Isner's signature was the real icing on the cake, but to actually see Roger Federer play well that's just the cherry on top of such an amazing day. 
You don't realise how much you turn your head as your follow the ball across the court, it was quite funny to watch people do it!
So watching the tennis on the telly will not be the same again, I have been watching the tennis and I would be clapping and standing as if I was at Wimbledon. So yup I am still buzzing from my experience! Lol 

Of course there had it's downs, like not getting Federer's signature because well he basically didn't want to do signings, which to be fair I can understand as it was a doubles match and all everyone cared about was him and not his team mate. 
Another downer to an amazing day would be the irritating Americans sitting behind me, and I know I talk about going to America a lot and I don't mean to well bitch about the Americans (I am sorry) but the teenage girls sitting behind me was so bloody annoying. They talked throughout the Federer match, and it wasn't even about the tennis! It would have been tolerable if was about tennis but it wasn't. And they kept screaming Roger Federer's name and wooing a lot DIRECTLY into my ear so basically all I got was screams...jeezs thanks. And they also kept going 'oh Federer is so pretty, oh he is so fit, oh he is beautiful' YES I agree Roger Federer is a beautiful man, the ball girl couldn't keep her eyes off him and quite frankly nor could I, but I did not need to hear a group of teen girls saying it constantly when I was trying to watch some tennis! It was soooooo annoying, and they weren't even supposed to be sitting behind me they weren't their allocated seats! 
(Here are some screen shots of my TV debut lol ) 
 (That's me in the sunglasses holding the camera)

 (I believe I was either tweeting or on Facebook lol)

 (Here I was walking away, till I saw him do signings!)

'My Favourite Tennis Players' 
1. Rafael Nadal - absolutely gutted that he didn't participate in the Olympics. I have always been team Spain, like with the football I supported Spain right from the beginning.
2. Roger Federer - he is such a humble man, I really like him. 
3. John Isner - Previously was Novak Djokovic but well what can I say? Just look at what an autograph can do to a girl. 
4. Novak Djokovic - not the most handsome of players (in my opinion) but a damn good player, though in the French Open I was rooting for Nadal.
5. David Ferrer - another Spanish, lol like I said a big supporter in the Spanish!
As being a Brit, you probably would think that I would have a fellow Brit on my list, but to be totally honest I am not the biggest fan of Andy Murray of course I am happy for him to get so far in Wimbledon this year but I most definitely didn't want him to win.

Anyway other than the irritating teenage girls I had such an amazing time, gosh it was the best day of my life, and I can honestly say that for the first time this summer, I am so glad I was in the UK to witness us host the Olympics, too watch some amazing tennis. WOOO GO TEAM GB!
Wimbledon is definitely on the cards next year! I most definitely want to make it an annual thing!
So for the first time I can officially say that I am proud to be British.
To finish off this blog here is John Isner's autograph <3

Sam x

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