Sunday, 24 June 2012

21 Candles

Hey Guys,

So I am officially 21...Hooray...firstly I want to say a huge thank you to my lovely family and friends, who put in so much thought into my birthday. LOVE YOU ALL. And I guess I spent two weeks sort of celebrating my birthday, firstly on the 7th June (10 days before my birthday) with my uni friends at Madame Tussauds! 

 Colin Firth and I <3
 Debby, George Clooney and I <3
 Myself, Miss Monroe and Debby <3

 Miss Hepburn and I <3
 Daniel Craig and I <3 (Next bond girl perhaps? Jokes)
 Rafael Nadel and I <3
 Me holding the Beijing Olympic Torch <3
 Yes Prince Harry! <3
 I won the Grammy's for the best solo country artist 2012 ;)
Some of the members of The Royal Family with Clare, Debby, Sophie and I <3 
(And yes they lent us crowns to wear!)

So yes I definitely recommend going to Madame Tussauds it was awesome. Especially the Marvel bit, I jumped throughout the whole thing lol. Anyway, after a wonderful day with my uni girls, I received my first results for my essays...and I can officially say I did bad...remember how I wrote: 7. Do not leave essays to the last minute! Yeah, well I did...and one essay I got an appalling mark, and yes it was self inflicted, I indeed did leave it to the very last minute, and I have now learnt I cannot do essays last minute. (I did still pass) 
As the days went by, I received more and more of my essays results and they where an improvement of the appalling 48%. One 57% and then a 68% followed by MY FIRST EVER FIRST GRADE ESSAY EVER! 80%! YES, I not so academic Sam got a First for one of my essays (and Modules) SO yes I received the good news 4 days before my birthday and it did put me in a very good mood for the rest of the week, hell I even went out and brought myself a bag in celebration of getting my first ever First grade ever! SO Yes if my calculations are correct, I think, I think for this year, my overall mark is a 2:1! YES. Just what I wanted, a 2:1 for my 21st Birthday! 
SO I can cross this off my list 4. Get a 2:1!  


Anyway as you can tell there was no Eddie Redmayne, looking dapper in a suit, holding a bouquet of beautiful red tulips. Nope, none of that...sigh.
My birthday started with a few weeps at the dot of midnight, sobbing my absence from the 'City that never sleeps' Yes I did weep at the fact I was not there, yes you could say it was a little pathetic but it has always been my dream and well it didn't happen, so it was quite heart breaking, must have cried myself to sleep, only to wake up by an excited sister, it wasn't even her birthday. Guess she will always be a child when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. Anyway yes I was woken by my little sister, (who is not so little anymore) Note: It was also father's day. 

I opened my presents in the morning, and got a very nice surprise breakfast from my cousin :) She knew how much I wanted to be in New York and she brought me an American style breakfast, good old Starbucks. 

 And here is a picture of my not so much of a surprise, (Not big of surprises anyway) My sister had ordered a bouquet of red velvet cupcakes, I LOVE red velvet cakes. SO yes it arrived the day before my birthday and it was suppose to come when I was not in, however I was...

 That is also the birthday card my sister made for me! YES it is the New York Skyline <3 Look how cool the cupcakes was! 
So the day went by I didn't do much, only in the evening where I spent my birthday with a few very good friends from school. (Almost 10 years have we been friends, and hopefully we shall be friends for many more) 

 Gifts from Miss Sarah, Love you <3

 Gifts from Miss Rose Love you <3
 Gifts from Miss Alice Love you <3
 (I can go spending mad in H&M)

After a lovely evening with my dear friends, the following day I headed of to London, for my present part 2 from my sister. My sister kindly purchased Wicked tickets for my mum, aunt, her and I. So a nice trip to London, eating seafood, stopping at Leicester Square where the Spiderman Premiere was being held and and and leaving moments later I look on Twitter to hear that Eddie Redmayne was at the premiere, absolutely gutted that I missed to see him, even if it was from a distance. But other than miss out on seeing my celebrity crush, Wicked was absolutely well Wicked! I now have a thirst to see more musicals! I have a very very long list! It was not what I expected and it tied in so well with 'The Wizard of Oz' honestly if you haven't see the musical I say get your butt down to a theatre and watch it, it was absolutely amazing. It has been ten years since I had last see a musical and at the time I was suffering very bad from hayfever and I was 11 so I can barely remember it. (I went to see Joseph and the technicolour dreamcoat - not even in London) So yes so far Wicked is my favourite musical so far, and I hope to fill my summer with seeing more musicals, if I fail to get a summer job, which I am....if I can't even get a job in America what are the chances of me getting one in England? NO, need to be more positive...always a pessimist. lol

  SO I shall end this blog with even more pictures, I know this isn't much of a blog but thought I would share my birthday moments. And how this year, it wasn't so bad. For once nothing has gone too wrong...sure I wasn't in New York, and I still wish with all my heart that I was there right now, I have the best friends and family in the world, who knew how much I wished to be in New York and how they made my birthday ever so special, however much that I say that I am no birthday person, thankfully no singing or massive fireworks for candles on a cake. Not this year anyway. (I hear that my cousins are out to get me next year...maybe I shall just disappear to New York for my next birthday...<3) 

 Gifts from my baby sister <3
 My New York inspired gifts <3

So a week ago I turned 21, and it was everything I didn't want, it was everything that I hadn't expected, it wasn't everything that I had planned, yet I still had a wonderful day, filled with tears of heartache, tears of joy , utter love and happiness. Surrounded by those I love and those who love me. So as I blew out 21 imaginary candles,(I had no candles to blow out - honestly cannot deal with the singing) I hope to make my 22nd Birthday the new 21st. And Hopefully, I will make my dreams come true, one way or another. 

 Yes perhaps I'll make my 22nd the 'Big 21' . In New York City perhaps? Guess only time will tell. 

Love Sam x

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