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I Heart New York

So today is a Sunday, a week till I turn twenty-one woohoo... Not. I am not one for counting down my birthday but this is very depressing. As you all know more than anything, I want to be in New York. Standing at the Empire State Building watching the sunset on the 'City That Never Sleeps'. Did I mention previously that I haven't had great birthdays since my 16? Yeah, well looks like my 21st will be going down the same road...
I have just noticed that my previous blog, I named it I Heart New York, but have just recently changed it...since well this blog will be about the book 'I Heart New York' by Lindsey Kelk. I did say I would blog about stuff New York related. 
Anyway back to the book review. (Not that I really know how to write one)

'I Heart New York' - Lindsey Kelk

The main female protagonist is a Brit chick called Angela Clark. Admittedly not my most favourite name but I do love Angela and the name has grown on me. At the start of the novel Angela Clark is a 26 almost 27 years old British lass, who is wearing a beautiful pair of Louboutin's for her best friend Louisa's wedding. Anywhoo, beautiful Louboutin's aside, Angela catches her fiance screwing some cow at the back of their car. Bastard, I know. and his name is Mark Davis. I didn't really like the name Mark before, and I certainly hate it now. As you can tell Angela did not handle it all to well. After realising that everyone knew about her cheating scum of a fiance screwing his tennis buddy. (Everyone as in Angela's best friend Louisa and her new husband Tim.) So yes a fuming Angela charged back into the wedding party and had a massive go at her BFF and broke her best friend husband's hand with her Louboutin's. Pretty impressive if I say so myself. Now I know that Louboutin's are not only shoes but also I need to get myself a pair. 

 (I want to own these Louboutin's! so beautiful <3) 

Anyway, after causing such a scene at her best friend's wedding, you may think she was being a little melodramatic, but I do sympathises for Miss Clark, sure she did ruin her best friend's wedding, but her best friend was a bit of a cow for keeping it from her. Anyway, Angela's mother, looked after her, and in the morning after the unfortunate events, Angela woke, showered etc and found her ex fiance's wash bag, and she has done the most disgusting thing ever...something I am quite proud of her for doing...if you haven't guessed yet...Angela slipped her engagement ring into scumbag Mark's wash bag, and she...she..pissed in it. YUP, she urinated into her Ex's wash bag, classy...but well deserved. 

Anyway after that, Angela decided the only way to deal with such a break up (They had been together for 10 long years, yup 10 years) she skipped town, well try skipping the country. A brave brave girl, and what city better to skip to than New York itself. Girls, take notes, New York is place to go after a nasty breakup.

(Oh New York, you are so beautiful, I wish ever so much to be there...on my birthday...sigh) 

Anyway, Angela didn't really think the whole running away to New York through, she ran of with little belongings, try a few set of clothes, few underwear, her precious laptop, phone, bridesmaid dress and her beautiful Louboutin's. She found herself at W Union Square. Often known as 'The Union' Where she met future new BFF Jenny Lopez, and yes she has the same name as Miss Jenny from the block, but it is not Miss Lopez herself, this is a different JLO, and no do not call Jenny that. 

 Jenny soon learns of Angela's story and brands Angela as her new hero.  Jenny sees herself as the next Oprah Winfrey, and takes Angela under her wing. As Jenny Lopez would say 'It's a city of new beginnings. People go to LA to "find themselves", they come to New York to become someone new.'
So yes after helping giving Angela a new makeover and new found confidence, Angie (a nickname given by Jenny, a name I quite like a lot) Angie finds herself attracting some very hot men, two in fact. First dreamboat. Angie also buys a beautiful beautiful Marc Jacobs bag!

Tyler Moore

Physical Appearance: Light brown hair, light blue eyes, tall, broad shoulders and well duh, handsome. Well presented, clean cut.
Occupation: Works on Wall basically translate as a banker

Who I saw playing Tyler was well Colin Egglesfield, gorgeous gorgeous man. 

 (Beautiful man, beautiful...though I can see other guys playing him, like gorgeous British actor like Clive Owen <3 )

Alex Reid

And no not the stupid British Alex Reid who married then divorced Katie Price, who in my opinion is butt ugly. WHO IS NOT FAMOUS. Sorry if anyone of you think he is gorgeous or whatever. 

Anyway, this Alex Reid

Physical Appearance: Messy black hair, green eyes, tall, skinny
Occupation: Lead singer of a super cool Indie band 'The Stills' 

As for Alex I don't actually have an Alex pictured, well not an ideal actor anyway, not yet anyway.  Though I suppose the actor who was to play Alex has definitely got to be hotter than Tyler.

Personally by looks I would have fallen for Alex Reid, something about piercing eyes and dark hair has my attention. All about the eyes for me. Though I tend to prefer the clean cut look of a man in a suit...(drool) more than I do the look of a skinny boy in t-shirt and skinny jeans. But from the word go, I was in love with Alex Reid more, of course I also loved Tyler, but from the beginning, I loved Mr Reid a little bit more than Mr Moore. Also names wise, I prefer the name Alex over the name Tyler, so I was basically Team Alex from the word go lol.

Anyway Angie first gets asked out by gorgeous man in a suit Tyler Moore and than by rock god Alex Reid, seriously this girl was doing well and I do have to say F U MARK DAVIS. (Something Miss Clark has also muttered, or rather thought) 

Firstly her dates with Mr Tyler Moore, who I think, if I read it correctly he lives on PARK AVENUE. And he owns a Black Amex, which you need to pay an annual fee to have one...(yes I googled) He lives on Park Av, works at Wall St, and is a perfect gentleman, drool indeed. Asides from being a perfect gentleman, he brought Angela not only a fancy pen from Tiffany's but also a beautiful Tiffany's necklace. I mean TIFFANY'S!

Tiffany Engagement Rings

As for Alex, he lives in Brooklyn, I don't really understand people's problem with Brooklyn, I have never really been myself obviously...but yes he is a Brooklyn boy and partly because of him, I do want to go to Brooklyn. 
Even though like Angela I like a clean cut man in a suit, something about Alex drew me to him, he is sort of cocky, confident and very very handsome. On one of the dates Alex takes Angela to the Empire State Building to watching the sunset over Manhattan. And yes it was partly because of Mr Reid's romantic gesture that has made me want to watch the sunset from the Empire State Building.(This romantic jester really has made my love Alex grow more)

Tiffany's and Empire State Building aside, I would choose Empire State Building over Tiffany's any day. Despite however much I do desire a rock from Tiffany's. (Though of course I can most certainly live with a replica and a cheaper version - not sure I could let my love buy me such an expensive ring, besides I'd be worried to wear it)

 (Oh so beautiful, so so beautiful...but it is like way over ten grand, could never let someone buy me such an expensive gift!...but it is still so pretty to stare at )

The way Lindsey wrote this book (series) I really could put myself into Angela's shoes, yup I am one of those readers, who can put myself into the character's position. I do feel like I am Angela Clark, though I would say I am nothing like her. Not brave like her, or bold...I am more of the shy type. But I am a clumsy cow just like Angie. Very clumsy. Aside from the dates with two super hot men. Angie also lands herself a job, like I said she was doing well. Anyway Angie landed a job at 'The Look' as an online blogger, blogging about her life in New York. 

Another thing that set the two men apart was the way they acted around Angie, though Tyler ever the handsome Wall Street banker, the perfect gentleman, the way he was with Angie, was not like the way Alex was with her. With Tyler after their first night together, he left for work, as for Alex after waking up together, he dragged Angie back into his arms...<3 It makes Alex sound very wonderful. 
ALSO, I did mention that Alex was in a super cool band right? Well he wrote songs and well a whole album, about Angela, though Tiffany's may sound romantic, but if a man ever was to write a song about me (a nice one that is) it is something money can definitely not buy. Also he is an honest man, he told Angie about his past er relationships and well Tyler just likes to date around...but yes after the whole Empire State Building date thing, Alex was my number one man. 
With the blog thing, her boss sort of told her to continue to date both Tyler and Alex though it is clear to the readers that she hearts Alex more. Angie's editor gave the name Wall Street and Brooklyn to the two men, I am pretty sure you guys can guess which name goes to who. 

Anyway, so towards the end of the novel, we learn that Tyler Moore is a complete DICK. I TELL YOU a complete arsehole. Gentleman my ass. Basically Angie learns that her blog is drawing a lot of attention, and from  the British version of 'The Look' and they want Angela to be an official writer for the Look in London, yup in London. So yes Angie is in a dilemma, she runs away to New York, meets two gorgeous men, though only one is a dream boat and the other is a complete arsehole. Anyway, Angie tells both men about her amazing opportunity in London. Naturally Alex is the sweeter one. 
Angie asked Tyler how he would feel about her leaving and they got into some sort of argument and he called her a 'psycho rebound girl' yup an arsehole. 

Anyway, after her argument with Arsehole Tyler Moore, Angie also gets into an argument with her New Best Friend and flat mate, oh yeah I forgot to say she moved out of the Union and into Jenny's flat. Anyway she got into a massive argument with Jenny and Angie stormed out finding herself at MoMA a place where Mr Reid took her. And that is where Mr Reid magically appears, he knew she would be there (awww he is the one) Anyway it was there where she told him about the job offer in London, and Angela asked him what she should do, and being the gentleman and sort of unhelpful man said that, it wouldn't be fair for him to make the decision for her, cute yes. Though he damn well should have said 'No Angela, I really like you, I think we have something special so please stay with me.' NOPE, he had to go and make her do all the deciding. Alex and Tyler both read her blog so they knew about Angie dating another man, and after Angie dumped Tyler's ass, Alex broke things off with Angie...(cry) 

Anywhoo, in the final chapter, the epilogue, we learn that Angie decided against taking the writing job in London and continue being a blogger in New York (YAY) Anyway a rather long break, Angie finally plucked up the courage to call Alex and he picked up and seemed happy that she rang, so we as the reader are left wondering whether Angela and Alex ever become official. 

This is a very long blog, and perhaps boring lol...I don't really know how to write a book review. But I can say after reading 'I heart New York' which I got as a Christmas present from my best friend, (I consumed the life of Angela Clark in a day - I am a terrible reader lol) Anyway, I fell more and more in love with New York and because of this wonderful book, that is the reason I started blogging. :)

I shall review the other four books, though I know I said I would blog about New York related stuff, the next books are set in other cities, however it always, always starts and ends in the 'Big Apple' :) 

So yes I give ' I Heart New York' by Lindsey Kelk  five great big apples. And I most certainly recommend <3 

 (Oh yeah that's right I got a signed copy of the first book I Heart New York and the latest I Heart London' ) 

Sam x

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