Sunday, 29 September 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Hi all, 

Sorry that I haven't blogged in ages. I have been so busy since my last blog. I have been busy doing Pre PGCE stuff, working, volunteering at the London Transport Museum. (Which was so much fun. Met a great bunch of people.) Though I wasn't in New York this summer (again) I had a pretty good summer here in London. 

 A few photos from my summer at the London Transport Museum.

We were making lifts and escalators with the children, here are my examples.

Anyone other than that I started my PGCE this month. I have been busy getting to know my flatmates (I moved to London! As you all know I am a city girl at heart) turning up for lectures and school placement. I have been a busy old bee and well going to London Fashion Weekend was a much needed day out. Especially when I have been up at 5am to go to my placement and being woken up at an ungodly hour by freshers. Then are not in my good books at the moment. The only good thing about traveling from one side of London to another is the opportunity to see some of London's iconic London Bridge, the London Eye...etc.

Anyway back to the actual purpose of this post. I guess you are all dying to know about my time at London Fashion Weekend. So this is my first time at London Fashion Weekend. I have always wanted to go but of course never had the time not that I really have time this year...of all years I choose my teacher training year to go! Anyway...because I have been so busy with placement and lectures I haven't had time to choose or buy an outfit for such a fashionable event. Sooo my outfit of the day ended up being chosen on Saturday....the day I attend London Fashion Weekend. Not like me at all. Usually I am quite as a trainee teacher ey? 
(I have pinched some of the photos my cousin she has a better camera than I, well I was just using my phone. and two: she is a better photographer then I am I will put a V next to her photos.)
So my outfit looked like this. I teamed my new favourite H&M top (which I purchased last month..I think it is still in the shops.) with another H&M product... My new favourite cardi. (Which I also purchased last month) and with some 70's inspired floral palazzo trousers. (Purchased last year in the teen sale at New Look) with my beautiful Hudson Marc B bag and New Look shoes I purchased years ago. 

Here is my beautiful cousin's outfit. She looks as stunning as ever.


Those photos were taking at my uni, A pretty campus if I say so myself. 
Anyway, we made our way to Central London, full of excitement! We queued for our goodie bags and went in! Look how stunning my cousin looks :) 

 The goodie bags that came with the ticket. We went for the Shop & the Lot tickets, which included, the shopping experience, the show bag and entrance into a catwalk show. £44

 I am quite happy with this goodie bag! Anyway, the venue for the London Fashion Week and Weekend is the beautiful Somerset House on Strand...If I was to ever get married in London (which I probably won't.) Somerset House will be it. It is beautiful, soooo beautiful. And I would love to return at Christmas to go ice skating (despite the fact I can't skate!) Just Somerset House is such a romantic place, it is like being in New York Central Park at Christmas, cute and romantic. Of course it is better if you are with the one you love...but anywhooo definitely going to Somerset House in December. 

Upon arrival at Somerset House

We booked the 2pm catwalk and we arrived just before 1, so we had about an hour to walk around, so we walked around the shops and found so beautiful beautiful dresses, accessories, shoes! I found the most beautiful Valentino black number, and I wanted it so was absolutely gorgeous. Of course I couldn't justify paying £100 for a LBD.... luckily for my bank it wasn't in my size...however for me, it was a stab to the heart. (Sobs) 

At around half 1 we headed towards to line for the catwalk and we sat three rows from the front...we soon figured out that the front row seats are for those who paid a bit more. We have decided that next time it is probably best to pay for the expensive tickets....just to get front row seats. 

Here are my rubbish phone pictures 

And here are my cousin's photos. (So much better than mine)

Definitely recommend paying the higher price to sit at the front...3rd row from the front really wasn't the best seat. Overall I did really enjoy my time. 

Here are some of my cousin's pictures of the stalls we walked past while shopping well more like window shopping. 

We took a few more photos of us at Somerset House before heading out for some shopping...(shops that we could actually afford lol) 


Finally before we left, we joined the queue for this 360 Canon photo thing. Here are my pictures of some beautiful dresses while we were queuing.

 Below is the 360 photo in sections.
Unfortunately Blogger won't let me upload the 360 photo video. So I can't show you how cool it was. Anyway, will I definitely go to London Fashion Weekend again? Yes. Would I recommend going? Yes. Definitely was fun having a nice girlie day out with my cousin. Sorry that I have uploaded more photos than I have written. Thought I would share with you my experience at London Fashion Weekend September 2013. 

As for the New York dream? I am still dreaming...I still want to be there...standing at the top of the Empire State Building watching the sunset over Manhattan...I'll be there when I am a qualified teacher...I will make that dream come true...but first...I need to make my career happen.

Sam x


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