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Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

Instead of writing my essay I am blogging, priorities. 
2013 has most definitely been a much better year than 2012 was. This time last year I was still waiting on an interview. A year later, here I am training as a teacher, I got my place at my first choice. Did I know it would be really tough? Yes I knew, I just didn't know how tough it actually would be. 
Choosing this path definitely hasn't been easy at all. I have spent this year stressing over skills tests (which I passed with flying colours the first time round, so god knows why I was worrying.) I had essays/dissertation stress from my 3rd year as an undergrad. And now I have the stress of my postgrad. Other than all this stressing and hasn't been a bad year. 

My top moments of 2013 (In ascending order): 

1. Getting my interview and offer at my first choice
I went into that interview with my head held high, I pretended I had confidence when I was far from it. And I feel that is the reason to why I got the place. 

2. Chelsea Flower Show: 100th Year.
You would think that the Chelsea Flower Show attracts old farts, but you would be pleasantly surprised by the amount of young uns there. Plus it is absolutely gorgeous, the flowers anyway. I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers beautifully arranged, plus my mother has been dying to go for years and it was only right I took her there. And we managed to go on a very special year! I am a little disappointed that I don't know anyone famous or someone rather important to go to the Chelsea Flower Show when the celebrities go...*cough, cough* my celebrity love/crush.The ever so handsome and best dressed man in the world. Eddie Redmayne. 

 Oh look at how gorgeous he is! Swoooon!

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the show, did I mention that peonies have now become one of my favourite flowers? Alongside red tulips <3

3. Birthday Celebrations with family and friends.
I spent a day at London Zoo with my Greenwich Girls, and you know me I have a huge love for Penguins, it was a great day at the zoo. I also went to see Les Miserables at the West End, it was amazing <3

Here are a few snaps from the zoo :)

 Me with a penguin mask
 My gifts from my uni girls, who doesn't love a 'personalised' card just from Mr Buble himself? With him recording his beautiful voice and calling you gorgeous? ;) Also who doesn't want to own the one ring? My friend knows me well. My love for Lord of the Rings is unreal lol.

 And my other friend got this personalised card for me. She knows me so well. A locket of me and my love crush.

4. Getting a 2:1 Overall in my Degree. 
I found out my official grade a few days before my birthday and I was over the moon, to graduate from Greenwich with the grade I wanted. As you all know I am no birthday person, so to get that result just before my birthday was nice. 

5. 13th June to 18th June - All Roads Lead To Rome <3
Rome is so beautiful, if you haven't been before you have to go. It is such a historic city full of culture and beauty. I am a city girl by heart...and I fell in love with Rome. It so beautiful, plus the gelato is amazing. I could live on Italian ice cream. It was insanely hot though, I can't deal with heat at the best of times, or the cold...but yeah June was probably not the best time to go to Rome.  The Colosseum was my favourite place in Rome, so cute and romantic.<3

A few of my favourite snaps from Rome.

6. Fields of Lavender - Mayfield, Surrey.
I have always wanted to go to a field full of pretty flowers. The smell was insane! Definitely not a place to go if you are a sufferer of hayfever....especially if you forgot to take a tablet...and to bring them with you. (Also the Chelsea Flower Show is also another place you really should avoid. Not that I did that.) 
It was so pretty and magical, July is the best time to go, if I remember correctly I went at the end of July and the Lavenders were in full bloom, so any later you would miss the pretty sight. It is sooo cute, and definitely a picture perfect place to be proposed too. <3 Not that I am for public engagements...but let's just say Mr Wonderful managed to hire out the entire fields of heaven to pop the question now that would be magical. And how cute would wedding photos be? If you don't have hayfever and don't mind the bees and wasps. 

7. London Transport Museum - Summer In London.
Sounds a little boring but, as a requirement for my current degree I had to do work experience at an alternative placement and I chose the London Transport Museum. It was one of my best decisions and I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. I have met a bunch of great people and learnt a lot. Plus I got a free tee and I get to go the museum for free ;) I definitely will go back and volunteer again if I have time :) 

8. London Fashion Weekend 2013 
I have always wanted to go to London Fashion Weekend, and I got a chance to go this year. I loved it. As you know from my previous blog, it was a great experience. 

9. Graduation - Goodbye University of Greenwich.
Despite the gale force winds...and the insane traffic a 30-45 minutes trip from my hometown to Greenwich turned into a two hour trip. I made it to the beautiful Greenwich. (wish that was my campus...were Les Mis was filmed. Every time I watch Les Mis, I go that's my uni!) Anyway...the sun came out just as I was taking photos with my fellow graduates. (how nice of the sun). When I first started at Greenwich I knew I didn't want to stay however, looking back sometimes I do wished I did stay, maybe life would be simpler, I wouldn't be stressing out all the time and maybe I would see my besties...but I know I made the right decision leaving...I have made a new bunch of friends, and moving to a different uni, on the other side of London has done me some good. Plus I love London. 

A little something for my uni friends <3

My Greenwich girls, I miss them so much :(

10. Moving to London.
And finally the decision I made last year when applying for the PGCE. I knew choosing my current uni meant I would have to move out and live in London. And here I am living in London. So I am not always in Central, running round Hyde Park and pretending I have loads of money as I walk round Kensington. But so far I have really enjoyed life in London. Minus all the blood, sweat and tears the PGCE brings, I have met a great bunch of people, my flatmates are amazing :)Trainee teachers have to stick together :) 
I am a city girl, and London is one city that I love <3 Well New York is my all time love, (Not that I have been there or anything) But I reckon London will come in second place and Rome in third. The next Carrie Bradshaw according to my flatmate...(not so sure about that Miss Bradshaw shoes are very hard to fill, plus she works for Vogue and lives in the city of my dreams...I am hardly the next Carrie.) Anyway....

London <3

My Lovely Flatmates <3

This year I didn't make as many New Year's Resolutions...I made have I stuck by them?

1. Graduate with a 2:1 
That I did do! Woohoo! 

2. Be More Positive 
I kind of have...I am a pessimistic person by to try and be a tad more positive is always going to be difficult. I have been a tad more positive then I was last year. So that's a yes right?

3. Get Fit
Let's face it...I make this resolution every year...and I never stick to it. 

4. Don't Leave Essays To The Last Minute
I haven't really done that this year...

5. Go On Holiday 
 I went to the beautiful Rome this year...maybe next year I will finally make my dream come true. 

So in a nutshell 2013 hasn't been too bad, five more highlights than last year, which must be a good sign. May 2014 bring many more. Oh and a huge congratulations to two of my Greenwich girls on their engagements! So happy for you both! 

The City Of My Dreams <3

So I was convinced to go out ( I didn't even want to go out, especially in this rubbish weather) ready...this is my NYE...spent taking selfies. I rushed to get ready...and then yeah...this is my night in. Other than my boring and lame New Year's Eve, I hope everyone else is having a nicer night out! 

Have Love, Hope & Faith and Always Dream <3

I want to wish you all a happy new year, may 2014 be prosperous for you all. May all your dreams come true. 

Sam x 

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