Monday, 17 March 2014

I Heart London

Hey all,

Sorry that I haven't really blogged much.Since my last post, I have been crazily busy with uni work, taking part in my university 'creative curriculum' scheme where I team teach with six other trainee teachers! (that has been a lot of fun) Now I start my next and final placement a week today. 

Over the past few months I have started to realise why I love London so much, why I am a real city girl. I have been on a few more trips around London in the last few months and I just love the city and it's beautiful sights. From Central London and it's iconic landmarks. I definitely recommend walking around London Day and Night! London is lovely on a beautiful sunny day, I took part in a charity walk (The Brow Arch March, supported by Benefit and Debenhams, for the charity, 'Look Good Feel Better') a couple of weeks ago, and I walked round some of London's iconic arches. It was gorgeous! 

Here are some photos from the day. It's a good cause guys! Go and get your brows done! :) Here is the link, about how you can get involved :) Brow Arch March

 London is absolutely gorgeous at night too. Walking along the bridges, seeing all the iconic sights in the cities night lights, is very pretty, especially seeing Big Ben and the London Eye. Quite cute and romantic too :) Or just lots of fun with a group of great friends :) 

Outer London is absolutely gorgeous too, and surprisingly London as a whole is quite green. Especially in the parts I am living in at the moment :). 
As it was a gorgeous day yesterday, I took a stroll through Richmond Park and Richmond and came across some of the most beautiful sights ever. Richmond Hill for one was gorgeous, I walked past and had to stop and soak in the beautiful scene as well as taking a few snaps. 

Just a few snaps of beautiful Richmond

This picture (below) took my breath away, it was such a beautiful sight.

Pictures of deer, from Richmond Park (A photo, I stole from a friend, because her photo is so much better than mine.)

You do not need to have a handsome young man, by your side to take a stroll through London. Sure it will be all cute and romantic, but it is also a lot of fun with friends, or just a stroll by yourself, it gives you a good amount of time to think and appreciate the beautiful sights. :) I definitely, recommend having 'me' time and soaking up the sun and falling in love with the city :)

Not much of a blog, I am still hanging onto my New York Dream. Still hoping to fulfill this dream, hopefully this year...or maybe in the next few years...however I have definitely, developed more of a love for London, and I know for sure that I want to be living in London, at least for a few years :) 
City Girl at Heart...always <3 

Sam x

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