Thursday, 22 January 2015

Arrivederci England! Hello Milano!

Hey Guys,

As you may have read in my last post, I said that I have something exciting happening! Well now that I am finally getting all the final details together, I can announce that I have landed myself an opportunity to work in Italy! Eek! 
It's only for two months as a linguistic assistant in a local primary school. I'm quite excited about it, and extremely nervous too!  I have never done anything like this before, so it's quite a big step for me! After last year, I think I need to start doing different things! 
So when do I fly you wonder? Next Tuesday ahhhh. So soon you may say! I didn't want to say anything until I was sure of all the details myself. I wanted to get flights, insurance etc sorted first. As well as gathering the details of what I'll be doing, my schedule and what school I'll be working in. 
As for which Italian city? Well it's known as Italy's fashion capital (That's all I really know it for). That's right Milan baby! 

(Here is the current forecast/ temperature for Milan! So to those of you who think or have asked me if I'll come back nice and tanned, the answer is no. Oh how I wish that it will be warm and I can run around Italy in summer floral clothes! Nope, it seems the temperature is similar to the UK.) 

I have never done anything like this before, so it is quite exciting and scary as well! I mean it is quite daunting flying to a foreign country where they speak a completely different language. I am excited at the thought of learning a new language but I would also love it if they could speak English too! (Which I know they do ha!)

I don't really know much about Milan, other than the fact that it is Milan's fashion capital. So I am excited to explore and indulge myself in all the gelato I can get my hands on. Even if it winter! I love ice cream, especially Italian ice cream! So I am going to get fat on that! 

(Throwback to gelato in Rome! We had it everyday while we were there, so I am looking forward to having more!)

I am only going for two months so it's not long at all, but I will miss my family, my beautiful beanies. They turn one in the first month of my Italian adventures. I am really sad about missing their FIRST birthdays. I want to be there as they make such an important milestone! But I will be sending my love from Milan. Lots of facetiming with the beanies hopefully! The beanies have there presents all wrapped and ready to be opened, just without my presence :(. 
Along with missing them I will also miss my friends, though I am only leaving for two months, my friends have taken the time out of their busy schedules to see me before I fly. Love you all so much. 

I have been sent my schedule and I am mainly working with grade 5 children! Aka Year 6. Which I am a little worried about, since all my experience has been in Key Stage 1 and below. Though I have spent a few weeks with Year 3, and the odd history sessions with Year 4 children. I have little experience with a whole class of Year 6 pupils, working one - to - one yes, but a massive group of them? Er no. So I have had a little panic about what resources to bring. Since all I have is resources for Key Stage One. But I guess there is nothing like winging it! Not that I'll do that ha, but I am sure everything will fall to place when I'm there. (I hope.) 

I have spent all day making these resources! I am hoping they are useful in the year 2 classes I'll be in! Monkey Puzzle is one of my favourite Children's books, and my favourite Julia Donaldson book. 

(I drew the bat, hence why it looks horrendous compared to the others haha.) 

Just some of my birdie friends that will be accompanying me to my trip to Milan. I know reception and year 1 still love puppets...not so sure about year 2! Oscar the Penguin is great with looking after my stickers, and from my experiences in schools and tutoring, children are absolutely obsessed with stickers. Just as obsessed as me! (I have a terrible obsession with buying stickers and post cards.) 

(One of my best friends from school, got me these! As a going away present! She is so lovely, and she knows me well! Some of these stickers will coming with me too!) 

Finally! I just realised that one of my favourite authors Lindsey Kelk, wrote a book called 'What A Girl Wants' which is a second book to 'About A Girl'. It starts of from where we were left off in About A Girl with Tess in London, and she has to make a decision. Which involved her staying in London or taking a job in Milan. It's a great book! I am hoping my Milan adventures aren't as dramatic but still fun nonetheless. Tess had her BFF with her and I am flying solo! But I am sure I will make fast friends with the fellow tutors! That way we can walk around Milan as lost sheep together! 

(Here is what the cover looks like! Well here in the UK anyway, I love Lindsey's books and so far this is a great read! I still need to finish it ahh! Currently Team Nick! haha.) 

Hopefully my next post will be from Milan, but I can't promise anything at the moment. 

Oh and before I forget, here is a link of a fellow blogger and school friend. She is on a great big adventure down under! I am incredibly jealous of her and massively admire her for being so brave for moving to and having the time of her life in Australia! Go check out her blog!

Hana's Blog - Backpacking Hans - Solo

So Milan isn't quite New York, but it is still an adventure. 


Sam x

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