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The Day I Became A True Hufflepuff

Hey Y'all,

So as I promised. Here it is! The blog about my visit to the Warner Bros Studio. 
( I could actually scream! Spent ages writing this blog and it didn't save! Despite the fact I pressed save a billion times, really annoyed! - So I apologise in advance, in the poor quality of this blog post, as I cannot remember what I wrote, or the order I wrote stuff. Stupid site! Makes me contemplate on changing blogging websites! This is the second time this has happened!)


(My excited snapchat/selfie haha.) 

It was on one sunny September day. My friend Alice, my sister & I headed onto the motorway towards Leavesden, Watford. We managed to get there without a Tom Tom, relied on the good old route planner print out. Made it there without getting lost. Spent the entire journey looking like a geek in my glasses. 
It cost us £31 each. Which is quite steep. I found it quite expensive when I booked the tickets online. This is just the cost of entering the studio, I didn't include all the extra stuff, such as the guide book etc. 
Upon arriving and collecting our tickets, which was a pretty cool ticket...if I can find it ( I will take a picture, bare in mind this was way back in September and I have shoved the tickets somewhere in my room haha.) We headed into a room at the scheduled time we booked and we were told that we could stay as long as we wanted, that the tour normally takes about two - three hours. We were told to take our time, but once we left one section we wouldn't be able to go back. Anyway, after hearing this I started to think, that it is worth the money. 

We were lead to a cinema type room, where we watched a video of the making of the films and about the studio. Once that finished, the screen lifted revealing the doors of the Great Hall. Which was pretty cool. There we followed the tour guide to the hall and took snaps of the things in the hall, here they told us that we would be able to wander the studio in our own time and soak up all the magic. 

After leaving the Great Hall, we slowly walked around, staring at the props, the sets including the Gryffindor common room and dorms. 

After walking past all the things photographed above we headed into the section where we could experience riding a broomstick and in the flying car. In this section you are not allowed to take photos. We decided against queueing for the flying car, instead just queued to have the broomstick experience. 

This was a pretty cool experience, sitting on a broomstick while it moves and pretend you are flying over London and Hogwarts. You also looked bit like a fool, because everyone can see you haha. But who care you are in Hogwarts right? (Well what I mean by everyone, I mean people in the queue haha.) 
I really wished I asked for the Hufflepuff robe instead of just taking the one they gave me. I know I am not a true Gryffindor. 

Anyway after learning to fly, we headed for the queue, to purchase the photos, which was pretty pricey, I can't remember how much it cost for one photo, but we got three, a photo of each of us on the broomstick. It cost us £21 in total. So £7 each, which is pretty pricey for one photo. 

We continued to walk around the studio, after our flying experience and then went through some doors to the outdoors, where other part of the set was located. 

Here in the outdoor section, there was a chance to try Butterbeer and eat (there were other refreshments available for the muggles). I am not overly fond of sweet drinks/food and had a feeling I wouldn't like Butterbeer, and that became apparent when I tried it. It tasted like really really sweet Cream Soda, so if you have a sweet tooth and you like Cream Soda, then Butterbeer is for you! I really didn't like it ha. 
I can't quite remember how much it cost, but we got the middle souvenir cup, which was almost £5 I think! There was an option to get the pint glass, which I am really glad we didn't do that! 

After we finished that disgusting drink, we explored the rest of the outdoors, (which was quite small) I started to regret wearing dark clothes. It was pretty warm for September, and I was wearing dark clothes and boots, though I do still love that outfit ha! 
For all those fashion fanatics, and are wondering what I wore. I wore a grey sleeveless top, with black leggings both from H&M. Teaming them up with Gold Chandelier earrings and black boots also from H&M. If you hadn't noticed by now...I love H&M. I also wore a belt...but I can't remember where it is from...the handbag I was carrying that day is also H&M. Like I said before I love that shop ha. 

 (The Bridge was pretty uneven, it looked ok to walk on but it wasn't! It was a bit weird actually ha.)

When we finished taking snaps of us in the vehicles we headed back inside. Here there were wax works of the characters that looked so real, it was borderline creepy. I was half expecting them to open the eyes and I'll scream and jump out of my skin ha. 

Once we past this section we headed to the life size set of Diagon Alley, which I found pretty impressive ha. 

Upon leaving Diagon Alley, we walked into a room filled with models of Hogwarts, drawings and lots of other artistic stuff. 

Leaving the arty room we walked into a very large dark room, here was large scale model of the Hogwarts grounds and that was pretty spectacular. In the winter the studio adds snow to it, and I bet it would look even more epic then it does without snow. I am not overly fond of snow, but I bet it will look amazing.
(I apologise for my bad photos! It was dark and I am an owner of an iPhone 4s. and well the picture quality is well...bad) 

After leaving this section I knew we were near the end of our tour as we had already spent almost 3 hours in the studio. The last section we walked into was filled with wand boxes, which was pretty cool, as I could pretend I was in Ollivander's buying my first wand! 

The best part of any attraction/ museum/ places, is the gift shop. Like all gift shops it is was stupidly expensive so I just posed with a few of the times and sad farewell to all the things I wanted to buy but couldn't justify spending the money on. Like the Hufflepuff Robe, Jumper and Scarf! I really wanted them so bad, but I refused to spend £70-80 on just robes and a jumper ha. The scarf itself was over £20. The wands were also over £20. 



(Expecto Patronum!) 

It was so pricey in the gift shop all I got were postcards,  (which were a £1 each) and chocolate wands which were almost a fiver each. (I think!) 
There was a keyring that I really wanted to buy, but I couldn't bring myself to spend £8 on. Luckily I didn't! As my best friend, got it for me when she went to the studio!

(I love it! Thank you Soph! It was too heavy for my keys, so I have attached it to my handbag )

When we left the gift shop we headed straight for Starbucks inside the studio and waited for a bit before we left. So we could avoid as much rush hour traffic as possible. As most Brits know the M25 is a horrendous stretch of motorway, from whatever direction you come from. 

Before saying goodbye to the studio we took photos outside, with the giant chess pieces from Wizard chess. 

(Pooh Bear Polaroid outside the HP Studio.) 

So...yes I would recommend going to the studios if you are a huge HP fan. I really enjoyed it. It was pricey, but considering we spent over 3 hours there I would say it was worth your money. 

Here is the link to booking your tour. 

And here is the link to Pottermore, where you can find out the house you truly belong in. Also you can find out what type of wand you'll have and you can choose a pet too! I went for a cat ha. 

Here is one of my favourite photos from the day. A photo of me and my sister, we may look similar but we are completely different. We are in rival houses ha. 

I know I have only just gotten back into blogging, but I may not be able to blog for a couple of months as something exciting is happening! If I have the chance I will definitely blog about it! Watch this space!

Sam x

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