Friday, 2 January 2015

Here's To New Beginnings

Hey guys,

So after my last post, I seemed to have got back my blogging buzz! First blog post of 2015! 
These past few months I have felt like it's been the end of the road, that I am stuck in a dark tunnel forever looking for the light to guide me out. As you all know I am very pessimistic. That the glass is always half empty, I felt like I need to find the positives of 2014. However little there may be. 

So the highlights of 2014 are:

Firstly, the best highlights (and quite conveniently happened at the beginning of the year) The birth of my little cousins (Second cousins...I think that's the right terminology) My cousins' babies! My little Jojo & Riri! Who, by the way are almost one! Crazy how time has flown. 

(My first meeting with little River, who at the time was just under a month old)

(Meeting little Josiah for the first time, he was exactly a month old)
Josiah also pooed on me upon our first meeting...he will not live this down ha, only joking! ha.

Despite all the downs that have occurred in 2014, I am so grateful to have these beautiful beanies in my life. They are growing far to fast and growing more and more beautiful everyday. I am so proud to be their auntie! They light up my day when I am feeling down.  I love seeing videos of them talking and smiling. They are my light at the end of the tunnel. I love them with all my heart. 

Though my career may not have gone the way I had hoped, that it pretty much flashed before my eyes, I have learnt a lot, though sometimes I feel that I have wasted the entire year. I have learnt to teach phonics, something I was dreading a lot, but I actually picked it up quickly, well learning the sounds anyway. I also learnt that I am a lot more creative than I first thought, or rather than I ever believed. I might not be very creative in the sense of drawing and actually make something that doesn't look like a five year old made it. I can actually come up with creative ideas. Part of the course I had to team teach, and I was dubbed the creative one by my peers, though I didn't believe them at the time. I came up with the creative art lessons that we would co-teach, thinking back to it now...I am quite impressed with myself. 

(I had to create a history poster for the course, I focused on a place that I volunteer at.)

(Something we had to create in art.)

(Team teaching! We made this for the Year 3 Class we were in. I drew the little Vikings, and came up with the idea of shields, helmets and masks. My fellow trainees helped bring my ideas to life.)

(Some of the Viking Shields, that our lovely Year 3 Class made!)

(Something I had to make in D&T, Of course it would have to do with a Penguin, because I just love them.)

(A post I made with some of my classmates. I did the background drawing and drew the people and made the stars, I did not draw the deers! I can be creative but I am not that good.)

Another highlight is the wonderful friendships I have formed over the year, and how amazing supportive they are. (Still are, I love you!)
Despite being very busy with their own teacher training, my wonderful flatmates found the time to be there for me, to help me with my lesson ideas, to support me when I had all but lost hope, to comfort me when I failed. Thank you. 

(Jess & I) 

(Laura and I)

(Niki & I, we take way too many photos ha)

(A walk through Richmond Park) 

(My Wonderful flatmates)

Along with the wonderful flatmates there of course were the friends I made in my tutor group and in the flat opposite! These girls have also helped me through this difficult time! They are all so lovely, and wonderful teachers. 

(Lovely Photos taken by the Beautiful Bronach)

I have discovered that I am completely obsessed with buying postcards/notecards. I really enjoy writing little notes to my friends, and I have a habit of going to Paperchase sales and picking up way too many postcards than I can actually write. I also discovered I enjoy leaving little random gifts for my flatmates. The PGCE is a tough year and I liked to make my flatmates smile, even if it was just for a second. It's like that famous saying, treat others how you would like to be treated. Who doesn't like cheerful notes? :)

(Little Parcels & Notes)

After failing my final placement I was in no mood in celebrating my birthday. Not that I am really a birthday person anyway. As I was living in London I thought no way would my sister and cousin surprise me. I was wrong, just as I was wrong about being in Rome for my birthday. My cousin, being very sneaky saying she ordered flowers for me and the delivery man is downstairs waiting. I went down stairs, with no makeup, my hair in a scruffy bun and in my PJs, to find my sister and cousin, camera in one hand and a red velvet cheesecake in the other, belting out Happy Birthday. And if you are wonder, I did cry. (Like I do every year)
In the run up to my birthday, I was constantly listening to Taylor Swift's song 22. Holding onto the last couple weeks of my life as a 22 year old. Feeling like I wasted the entire year. (Sometimes still feel like that). 

(Still feeling like I am 22, rather than 23...and I'm actually going on 24...sad times)

 (Surprise birthday banner my flatmates hung outside my room.)

(Richmond Park with my sister & cousin, after they surprised me)

(My Little Riri, sending me a birthday message)

After moving home, still moping over my failed career, I saw my little cousins as much as possible as they quite often put a smile on my face. I also wanted them to recognise me and be comfortable around me. 

My little sister graduated from Reading, with a LLB in Law. I am so incredibly proud of her achievement and sheer determination and hard work has paid off. This is one of the best highlights of 2014 (second best to the babies). I ever so proud, my sister is on her way to achieving her dream job. 

 (Very proud big sister)

I went on holiday with my little sister in July. We went to Hong Kong & Japan, where we saw our granddad and met our little cousin for the first time. We also stuffed our face with so much food, I most certainly gained a few pounds by the time I flew home. 

(Hong Kong & Macau) 

 (First thing I do in Japan? I catch a Pokemon)

(That's right a selfie with a penguin!) 

(As you can tell I had a slight obsession with posing with cuddly toys)

(Hokkaido, Japan)

(Kat & I masking it. Korean face mask bought from Japan, used in Hong Kong ha. Sorry Kat had to post it. Love you.)

So after coming back to England, I was still moping about feeling sorry for myself. I saw a couple of old school friends and one of them suggested going to the Warner Bros studio aka Harry Potter World and I was like HELLLL YEAHHHH! I love Harry Potter (I admit it, I haven't read the books...I tried to read them when I was younger and just couldn't get into them.) I love the world of HP, the characters, the concept of magic, and muggles being oblivious to it all etc. 
I was going to make a blog post about going to HP world, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind to be blogging. I promise you this!I will make a rather late blog entry about my visit to Hogwarts! So watch this space...If I am not too busy it should be up in the next few weeks. 

Here is a preview of what to expect in my next post. 

Lastly, I got to spend to Christmas with my family. It was wonderful to spend it with the beanies. It was their first Christmas and they made it magical. Nothing like spending Christmas with the ones you love. 

(The famo)

So those are my highlights of 2014, there weren't many. I still feel like a lot went this blog post ha, it didn't save, so I couldn't quite remember all that I wrote down..anyway. After a good think, there has been some good in 2014. Though I didn't get to where I at hoped to be, and things didn't map out like I had planned, I believe that everything happens for a reason. 
I couldn't have gone through all the ups and downs without my wonderful family and friends, who have been there for me every step of the way. Words can not express how grateful and thankful I am to have you all in my life. Thank you <3 

I hope that one day I can call London my home again. <3 

(Sometimes I can surprise myself, at how well my photos turn out. Normally my photo taking skills are just awful.) 

So it seems that I have got my mojo jojo back (Ha I had to do it! Who doesn't love Powerpuff Girls?) I am blogging again! Let's hope that it's here to stay.

Here's to new beginnings. 

Sam x

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